What's one thing about becoming a father you wish you had known beforehand?

Hello all! I apologize if this thread has already been discussed,  but I was curious to find out if any new dads out there felt they were lacking some key knowledge before becoming a dad. My son is 2 weeks old today and I certainly never would have imagined how active (read: squirmy) he would be while changing his diaper. My fiancé and I did figure out a strategy of feeding hi first so he's a little more relaxed. I look forward to the discussion!

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Finish that birthing class.

Let the baby stay on Mommy for the first hour on the outside.  The staff will want to take him and bathe him, but it's not needed.  Mommy time is.

You'll want a changing table after changing the sheets a few times.

They tell you, dressing him, to put as many clothes on him as you'd want, plus one more layer.  Children vary.  That would have had him pass out from heat stroke.

And this didn't cause problems, fortunately, but:  you need a system to make sure you never leave him in the car.  Mine was that if he was in the car and I wasn't, the door stayed ajar.  My wife's was that she always kept her purse right next to his car seat.  I also saw a scheme where you put this long string of rubber bands on the door when you drive, so you can't get out w/o noticing it and being reminded.

" The staff will want to take him and bathe him, but it's not needed."

With a few notable exceptions - e.g. if they detect meconium in the amniotic fluid and a few other things. 

An egress cesarean would exist as an exception alternate.

Our birthing class teacher said to use this question:  "Is this medically necessary?"

Your unrecognized, undocumented self-sacrifice will now increase by 200%.

Febrile seizures. http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/febrile-seizure/basic... In short, your kid can have a seizure because of a spike in body temperature. It's scary as all hell, but generally harmless.

I don't know about "generally," but I did know someone who was permanently mentally handicapped from an untreated fever.

Oh, yes, it is possible for there to be brain damage if it happens more than once, but it's uncommon if it only happens once. This is going off what are doctors were saying, mind you.

That is terrifying.

Not a father, but I've thought a lot about experiments I'd like to conduct if I could have unfettered access bunch of children in a controlled environment. 

Here's what you need to know.  No one is prepared for fatherhood when it happens.  It is a learn on the job type experience.  Just roll with it.  If your heart is in the right place, it will all work out.

That is generally what I figured. My fiancé and I are doing our best and so far, my son has been growing and thriving. So far so good!


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