When you think of the "Art of Manliness" what man comes to mind as most closely personifying the ideal set by the web site? Perhaps because of the feel of the site and the use of imagery Hemingway comes to mind for me; but while his sense of adventure, love of sport an fitness and sense of style were laudable, I don't know that he morally represented the site. Ben Franklin definitely had the moral qualities and hard work/yankee ingenuity that represents the site, not to mention a great nose for business, but he wasn't often described as being debonair or stylish. So who else, Francis Bacon, Voltaire, Socrates? Does anyone else have someone in mind who personifies the site?

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I obviously do a lot of thinking about "manliness," and something I've been thinking about lately is how there are really a few different kinds of manliness-es. There's the manliness of a guy like Hemingway, a brilliant writer, a hunter, boxer, and adventurer. But also a man who married 4 times and killed himself. Then there's the manliness of a guy who's a gentleman, a virtuous and faithful family man. There's the manliness of the cowboy or biker, the rebel without a cause, who keeps to himself and walks a road entirely his own. These different manliness-es are rarely found all within the same man; in some ways they are incompatible.

There are a few that come close: TR, Churchill, Lee
Failure better illuminates success.
I want to grow up to be Yevgeny Vasil'evich Bazarov.
1. Alexander the Great. Educated, capable and a great leader.

2. George Washington. A Renaissance man.

3. Teddy Roosevelt. An Adventurer, but also educated, accomplished and a family man.

- Hemingway, who admired Teddy, always struck me as insecure and trying to hard.

4. Dirty Harry. Can we use a fictional character?
As always I vote Harry Houdini.
I second this!
How about Sir Richard Burton? Explorer, diplomat, linguist, writer, etc. He, like most great men, had his shortcomings, but they are far eclipsed by his accomplishments and the interesting life he led.
Thomas Jefferson receives my vote.

Politics: Lawyer (I'll forgive him that one), member of Virginia House of Burgess, member of the Continental Congress, main author of the Declaration of Independence, Governor of Virginia, Secretary of State, Ambassador to France, Vice-President, President.

Science: Botanist, horticulturist, inventor, and several others I can't recall.

Arts: accomplished violinist, architecture, furniture and interior design, city planning

Scholar: founder University of Virginia; fluent in French, Italian, Greek and Latin; avid reader; prolific writer

Other notables: one very good real estate deal (Louisiana Purchase), sponsored Lewis & Clark expedition, was considered an excellent horseman

Negatives: slavery, not very good at public speaking, too sensitvie to personal attacks, emotional affair with a married women, died in debt

Overall a very ambitious and energetic life. And I've just scratched the surface of his accomplishments - I know there are more that I've forgotten.
Maybe we should be asking what values or traits we find most manly, then identifying those that have them?
How about John Wayne?
John Wayne definitely.

Abraham Lincoln? I think so
Anyone who read John Wayne, American would have to agree. It does not sugar-coat his failings, and it showed numerous examples of strong, manly character traits. The character that you saw in most of his movies was an amalgam of both what he really was, and what he wished he was.


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