What is the most fashionable way for a guy to wear a smart phone, keys and a wallet?

I’m a middle aged guy, with a standard set of gear I wear... keys, wallet and smart phone. Left pocket contains keys (two large car FOB's and house key), right pocket wallet (NOT a George Costanza... but I have to carry a lot of plastic... long story), giant smart phone (S3) in a clip on my belt.

I don’t think the bulging pockets and, almost, fanny pack on my hip looks good. I’m in my 40s and feel like I need to improve my look.

In leisure, I typically am a jeans and t-shirt guy. At work, Dockers and a Under Armour rugby or polo (branded with company logo). I could take it up a bit at work and graduate to a button down and jacket, but that hasn't quite filtered into my brain.

Oh, one more thing... I am a weight lifter. Nothing fits me right. Big shoulders & chest, comparatively small waist, thick legs (5ft 11 in, 240 - 54 in chest, 36 in waist). The pockets seem to bulge more because my legs are a bit above average density.

Any thoughts on how I could improve things? I'm almost to the point of hiring a professional to "de-schlub" me. Maybe this is the mid-life crisis I'm supposed to have. I don't know... Maybe if I fix the bulging pockets, it will be my first steps in the right direction.


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My boss had his keys on his belt for a while. It was great since we always heared him approaching and had enough time to pretend we were working.

Pockets of your pants or pockets of your jacket. Never wear that stuff on your belt

I brushed against things a time or and knocked phone from its clip, so I no longer wear on belt. Where possible my few keys end up in desk drawer or console in the car. Chiropractors caution wallets in back pocket are a big aggravation to alignment (particularly with some guys' receipt/biz card hoarding)

First shop for your body, not the manufactures expectations.  I am not a body builder, I'm very skinny,  I get my shirts from a company that has the right fit for my body.  You may simply need to invest in tailoring for your clothing at work.

As to what you carry and how.  I think you are the normal trap of I carry everything.  Why do you need keys to two cars, especially with the fobs?  Same question with the plastic, why?  If it is for work, but them in a work satchel or brief case.

 You may want two wallets, one for minimal stuff and the second for your plastic.  Leave the second in your breast coat pocket.  I have my phone in the pocket of my coat or on my desk.  For out an about if I am carrying anything more like I book or some such I'll grab a satchel and toss stuff in there.

You may just need to get a sport coat.   


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