Here's the face:

And this is one hat that didn't work with it.  Made me look like an Amish farmer.  (Unfortunate combination of flat brim and major beard, which I intend to keep growing.)

I want something to keep the rain off and the heat in on days when my olive-drab oilskin trench coat is appropriate; or to wear with denim jacket and jeans.  I'm unlikely to be wearing it with anything like a suit.  

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show us a pic with the hat on?

honestly you look Amish already.  (no insult meant)  though with your shirt having color kinda tames the Amishness.

i'm sure you'd look fine with that hat.  if it performs the way you want, and it is not ridiculous in appearance, then wear it!

Can't show pic with hat on; I already returned it -- felt silly in it.

A shaped brim helps tremendously.  My beard is much bigger now, than it was in this picture, and the hat still looks nice.

What do you think...?


I agree

#3 like these from Pendleton:

They are halfway between a fedora and a stetson, very thick rain proof wool, but might be a little warm for where you live.  They are very forgiving and do not look too awful even on me. 

or go with the Amish look.  My Dad was a horse doctor in PA and pulled it off with great enthusiasm and wooden shoes.

I would say 1. 

There's a great article right here on AoM

My wife judged my face as top-heavy (I was going for short-full, but hey, she's the one who looks at me each day).

I was hesitant to follow the advice and get a fedora as described, but since I bought one (I now have two, one winter felt one, one summer light one) I've been getting heaps of compliments. Luckily, the brim keeps off sun very well.

Though, #3 below looks like a winner. Shaped brim would take off the Amish feel for sure.

That is amazing. Please tell me where i can acquire one!

I always thought the flatcap/ bushy beard combo was a good look.

might i suggest...


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