I just finished glancing at the latest  of G.Q. I have no idea why I've been getting these magazines, for I've never ordered them and I've never paid for any of them. This was the first time I actually took the time to glance through any of them, but I thought what the hey.

In the nineties I would read them to catch up on the latest men's fashions. I'm old school I'm told and haven't figured out the appeal the supposed new school. I'm into larger lapels on jackets, pleated, wide thighed slacks, wing tips, brogues and capped toed shoes. So therefore I am in no position to understand or appreciate current fads and trends such mom pants and skinny suits.

We have become a society which tends to celebrate masculinity in women and femininity in men. 

I look forward to a Trump administration if for no other reason than a man acting like a man, warts and all liked or unliked, without apology.

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On the other hand, a real man also wouldn't need to apologize for not appearing manly, either. Nor would he worry if someone else thought he didn't appear manly.

That being said: there's a general trend, from what I've seen, to retrain society to drop "gender identity" as a well-defined concept. This isn't a bad thing, but not a good thing. It's just a thing.

The family dog has better hair.

So what are we discussing here?  I'm not sure.  Times change?  The culture is anti-male or anti-female or both?  Trump has warts?

The culture is anti-male or anti-female or both?

Interesting characterization.  Probably both -- at least with regard to men or women who are inclined toward stereotypical masculine and feminine tendencies, respectively.  Which is an awful lot of people.  We celebrate nonconformity to such an extent that those who are more conventionally-inclined are mocked or attacked.

If you start looking for it, it's surprising how often current culture encourages masculinity in girls and femininity in boys ... and discourages the opposite.

I think there's a backlash, though.  Which is good.


Having 3 sons, I can see how all of them are different in their ways of being masculine. My oldest is as typical masculine as you could be. He hunts, fishes, works hard, and chases the women. My middle son is married and has a child at the age of 26. He also works hard but is more of a computer guy. My youngest is a complete nerd. He is the one who can fix your computer and write programs for anything you need. But they all are good men just in different ways.

I don't recall GQ being a bastion of masculinity. Fashion is different - not necessarily related. 

There is nothing inherently masculine in refusing to apologize when you screw up. If anything, that seems a lot like not taking responsibility for your own words and actions. 

The idea of making no apologies as a virtue seems bizarre to me still.

I can see how 'unapologetic' could be considered a virtue.  It's not really about screwing-up ... it's about not apologizing for who you are, what you believe, or what you're about.

I know who I am, what I believe ... and I'm fine with it.  I hope it doesn't offend anyone.  I certainly don't aim to offend.  But, when it does, I'm not going to apologize for it.  Because, I'm not sorry, and I'm not changing or backing away just because you're bothered.  I wish you took it better.  I wish you understood, or could at least see that I'm not a villain for it.  I wish we had common ground.  But, we don't.  And, I can live with that.  I take responsibility for my words and actions.  But, that doesn't mean I'm sorry for them.

Generally, people apologize too often, for too much, when they're not really sorry, and when they have no intention of changing anything.  It's made the whole thing meaningless.  If people apologized only when they agree that they screwed-up, most would apologize a whole lot less ... but, it would mean a whole lot more.

That's the kind of 'unapologetic' I find admirable.  The kind that doesn't equivocate.  That doesn't back off from statements or beliefs just because there's resistance or somebody's offended.  The kind, like the OP said, that will stand his ground, whether you like him or not.


I can see that - and yes, there is something to be admired in not apologizing for who you are, etc. Trump, however, has specifically stated that he does not apologize at all - and that's a stance I cannot support. 

 that seems a lot like not taking responsibility for your own words and actions. 

How dare you. I know all the words, I have the best words.

If you would like a real head scratcher, Burberry of London definitely has me wondering exactly about your comment about fashion.


Haha I can't imagine wearing any of that!! The prices would scare me away also. I would love to see my oldest son, who is a very masculine type of guy, wearing any of that for Halloween. LOL


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