What do you do out of the ordinary to improve your life?

I am curious to hear what out of the ordinary things people do to improve their lives. This is a bit of a vague question I know, but there are things in my life that I suggest to people or feel that the average person probably doesn't know about that make my life better. I'm sure that there are a lot more that I could be doing, if I knew about them, so I would love to hear what others do.

Here are some of the things that I do:

- Shave with a double edge razor (thanks AoM forumers). A lot cheaper than most razors, gives a great shave, and doesn't irritate your skin (Merkur DE razor; 7 a.m. razors)

- Order MTM (Made to Measure) shirts (e.g. Spoon Tailor in SF or ModernTailor online). Looks vastly better than anything I've found OTR.

- Don't use soap in shower/washing face. Improved my skin/reduced breakouts/feels less dry.

- Use a specific lotion for my face. It has sunscreen in it, doesn't feel oily, and seems to help my face feel good (Jack Black Facial Moisturizer)

- Keep a strict exercise/diet routine. This helps a lot with staying healthy and seems almost essential for gaining muscle. I keep one in a spreadsheet with my carbs/fat/protein broken down within.

- Follow the "zero inbox" strategy of keeping only email I have to act on in my inbox. Helps lower my stress considerably having to remember what all I need to respond to, since I get a large quantity of email everyday.

- Change my lights. I use "natural spectrum" lights at home, which make me feel a lot less lethargic than the normal yellow lights. I also keep a HappyLite around in the winter (more-so when I lived somewhere cold and couldn't go outside as much) to boost my energy and ward of depression when there wasn't much daylight to be had.

On a related note, does anyone have any good suggestions for self-improvement forums or sites? I feel a bit off topic here, even though it's still part of "A Man's Life." I'd be interested in hearing about what books people like, too.

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I use a double edge razor also.

I make coffee with a tea kettle and a french press. I have a gas stove so I have coffee regardless of if the power is on or not.

I once found a style of pants that fit me. I catch hell buying pants. I went and bought 6 pair of them. They are a certain style of blue dickies. I wear the work shirts too, and almost always with a white t shirt underneath. This makes wardrobe choices really easy in the morning.

I am currenty working on solving the " shower curtain effect".

Interesting. I'd never heard of "shower curtain effect." I have to curtains, a decorative outer one and a white inner one, and I never have this happen. Perhaps the inner sticks more to the decorative one?

Hot air rises.

Heavy Shower Curtain.  We had that until my wife put on a heavy outer curtain.  We stopped having the problem.

put weights at the bottom of the shower curtain or get one that has magnets to stick to the tub (also weights).

Alternate solution, wet the tub along the outside wall and plaster the shower curtain to the side of the tub, but leave the far end open enough for the warm air to escape from the enclosure.  I do this up the showerhead wall as well to keep water from getting around the curtain and getting the floor wet.

Not going to list all the trivial stuff , one thing I do that I think is worth sharing is that I have an outdoor fireplace that I will light up at least once a month and just sit there in a recliner at night and just watch the flames , there is something that is primal an soothing about that .

I think part of the modern crazy is caused by replacing fire space out with television. We spaced out in front of the fire at night for tens of thousands of years.


Started going to church regularly (It's much more enjoyable when you choose to go as adult instead of being forced to go as a kid)

Read the Bible for a few minutes on my train commute to work

Love these (y)

- Keep a strict exercise/diet routine. This helps a lot with staying healthy and seems almost essential for gaining muscle. I keep one in a spreadsheet with my carbs/fat/protein broken down within.

- Follow the "zero inbox" strategy of keeping only email I have to act on in my inbox. Helps lower my stress considerably having to remember what all I need to respond to, since I get a large quantity of email everyday.

I love these things you do, I'll keep them in mind forsure for when I'd like to start incorporating them!

My father is very strict about fresh air in the house so he keeps the windows open in the day time and close them during the night when our family sleeps.

Learn an instrument or some othe art form, and learn it as wel as you can. Take time to notice something every day you haven't before. Schedule some nothing into your day. I don't mean to passively not do anything, but to thoughtfully and actively do nothing for a few minutes. Read a book, not because it is popular or because you wish to make clever remarks about it to your friends and co-workers, but because you actually like it.

I go to church almost every Sunday and during Lent, Advent and other special services.

I am also active in the church and close to my church family.

We eat dinner as a family at the dinning room table.

Sadly, I think things things are now out of the ordinary.

Just showing up on a Sunday morning doesn't really help you meet and get to know people. Where you make friends at church is outside of worship. We have been blessed to have great church families at the churches we have been members of.


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