I'm from Ohio and married with a 1 year old. We usually spend a week or two every year in Sarasota, FL.  We like affordable beach vacations, but enjoy seeing new stuff as well. Just wondering where you guys have vacationed and what recommendations you have. Thanks.

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What do you like to do?

Having small children has limited us to extended family visits + beach, but I'll add

The Great Smoky Mountains, and Cherokee, NC

Chicago museums

Chattanooga (aquarium, Rock City, Ruby Falls)

Cherokee looks neat, and I see it's close to Gatlinburg which is somewhere I want to go, so I'll have to check both of those out. Probably wouldn't do a city vacation like Chicago. My wife and I tried San Francisco and San Diego as vacations and couldn't wait to leave lol. Guess we like less busy areas.

I come from a large family (10 kids including me) and my parents always brought us on camping trips, even the younger kids enjoyed those. I'd recommend checking out Lake George up near the Adirondacks. There's a touristy side and a more laid back side; plus, Fort Ticonderoga is right there too. I've been to most of the forts in the east coast states because my mom loves history. They were always a fun thing to do, even with younger kids. Ben and Jerry's original factory is also within driving distance of there and they do tours, my little siblings had a blast. Especially when they handed out the free samples at the end.

I just looked this place up in Google Maps, looks like a place I'd really enjoy. Thanks for  the tip.

Ohio to Florida seems far. Do you drive or fly? In any event, if you're willing to do that distance Main is very nice. You could also go to southern Ontario. The beaches at Sandbanks are quite nice, and it's fresh water so that would be a change. You could either stay on a private or provincial camp site, or you could rent an AirBnB in the Prince Edward County area, which is wine country. And since the US dollar is so strong compared to the Canadian dollar right now, it would be very affordable. July and August are very hot there. Could be fun and different. (The pic above is from one of the Sandbanks beaches. Looks like the ocean but it's actually Lake Ontario.)

Thanks for the advice. We tend to fly. I've never been to Ontario but might be something to check out in the future. We've been to Maine and really enjoyed it, hope to go back in the future.


Pick a place that has on site day care so that you have some alone time with your wife.

Also a good idea, especially with an anniversary coming up.

Guess your kid would be too young to remember now but when they get a little older you should try to go to Disney if you could afford it. That's something your kid will remember forever

Yes I agree. We are planning to do that in the future when they are a little older.


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