What would be a great job for a man that is in his twenties and just looking for a fit in anything? It can be a dream job that you wish that you had done when your where younger or a job that you just weren't qualified for? Also it can be a great way for someone to start looking for a job even though its hard to find one.

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It all really depends on if you are still in school or not. If you are in college to pursue a career in a field then that will be your ultimate goal. If you aren't in school then the best path to take to find a job that you enjoy IMHO would be to test out different jobs on a trial and error basis (until you found something you like and can devote your life to). I wouldn't recommend the later as it leads to a lot of frustration and wasted time. However in my life I have had a few jobs:

First job was a paper route: Jr High/High School job didn't pay much and was a lot of work basically a character builder

Farm work for my dad/maintenance repair work on some apartments my parents own: was fun but short lived and since it was my dad he didn't always pay me for doing work..most work I did for him was because I was his son and it was expected....Also a character builder.

Janitor (for one semester in my college dorms) cleaned up trash in lobbies and replaced Toilet paper in the bathrooms..I did however have to clean up a few things that were pretty disgusting...I can't remember how much it paid, took the job just because I was bored and needed something to fill my time.

Gas Station Attendant: Minimum wage, also a college job. It was really stressful and my manager was a real prick to me and it was hard work. I also had to mop the floor, clean the trucker shower, and take out trash..so like the Janitor job not that desirable...people also drove off with gas, you have to deal with lottery bs, and you have to card people for cigarettes, beer, and liquor and it is just a pain of a job. I wouldn't recommend this job unless you want to be a grouch and want to drink more.

Applebee's: College Job 10 an hour *I Think* working in the kitchen as an Expo..(see also Hy-Vee Grocery) it is cool to learn how to cook and how to assemble food on a plate, but the job is really stressful/high paced and it takes it toll on your body after awhile..lot of work hazards..my hands got burnt a lot, had to wash a bunch of dirty dishes here and there, slick floors yadda yadda. I wouldn't mind working at an applebees again, it was fun but stressful.
Security Guard/Concert Staff: 8 dollars an hour I still do this..and I must say that behind substitute teaching this is the coolest job I have. I get into shows for free, I help people with their problems...occasionally i get to kick people out of shows for being drunk/disorderly..so it is a power trip type deal. I've done backstage security for Keith Urban, Stage security for Molly Hatchet, Van Halen, Bruce Springsteen..among others..and have walked past all four members of Metallica..Sweet! I highly recommend finding a job that is fun with a lot of perks to it.

Customer Service Phone Rep. Can't remember what I got paid..got laid off because I was a temp.
Temp work blows...Customer Service work blows as well. If you want to get paid to sit in a cubicle, get b**ched at and be bored out of your mind...by all means become a CSR..they laid me off but I would have gladly quit.

Prep Cook/Caterer for Hy-Vee Grocery Store in Windsor Heights, IA (just quit this job so i could focus on teaching) 7.50 an hour cooking and catering can be a lot of fun and you can become quite proficient for preparing meals for your family/girlfriend..once you learn the ropes. I know how to make salads, side dishes, and Entrees...I know cooking times, how to make sure that food is cooked to the proper temperature.yadda yadda. good job..nothing like getting paid to cook burgers outside on a warm summer day. However..your manager might be a bit high strung if he is into the whole catering biz because it is big business and if you screw up then you never hear the end of it...also waiting on customers at the counter was never something I liked very much.

Substitute Teacher (Current Job) Monday through Friday I get paid 125 a day to be a sub, or 85 dollars for a half day. I travel to different schools, I meet a lot of very interesting and nice people, I work with kids and kids are awesome. It may take some schooling/a clean background (no Felonies on your record) to become a substitute..I'm trying really hard to find a job as an art teacher...someday.
Justin, those are all great jobs especially for a person my age. I have had a total of 4 jobs in my life. Right now I am ending my education at Boise State University, mainly just looking for a good idea for a job for a man like me who has nothing to lose and nothing to gain.
You should go be a rock star or work for the circus so that I could live vicariously through you. That would be awesome!
The last 3 are not really...manly jobs. I say this just because I am a customer service rep right now, and thats pretty much the reason why I stumbled upon this forum(I am looking for a new manly job), the job is SOO EMASCULATING!!! Not manly at all. I sit in a cubicle and just sense my balls RECEDING INTO MY BODY. Never ever EVER get a CSR job if you want to stay sane and retain your disposition as a testosterone burning manly ass ultimate figure of the human race. I am hoping by the tone of this reply gives you an accurate depiction of what deterioration my mind has been subject to, and will deter you from ever getting in the business.
Try getting your M.M.D. (merchant mariner document and get out to sea and see some of the world. You start as an ordinary seamen but work your way up. Hell it's a manly job that allows you travel, sticks a great work ethic in you, and it works until you want to settle down. Maybe you can find a job that has something to do with what you are studying? If it had something to do with, say the ocean or geology/ oceanography, you might want to get a job on a off shore oil rig. Damn man, there are lots of manly jobs. But at least with these two examples you can really save while you're gone instead of living pay check to pay check with some minimum wage job.
Well i have two choices in my mind. One a welder, i have taken classes in high school and have received scholarships because i have done welding in high school, Right now i am at Boise State University in my final semester and i really would like to see if I can make it as a welder because i have no job experience in that field. My second choice would be fire fighting, Fire fighting has been in my family for two generations and the little kid in side of me want to be like my dad and my grand-dad. right now I am at a 50/50 choice.
You've got to decide for yourself. A good manly job can be almost anything - as long as you feel it is the right job.
Motivation for that job should NOT come from your urge to impress others by looking like a real man.
That is NOT manly - it is immature.
(So now - don't try to hide your REAL motivation from yourself - just because you still want to make an impression...)
I want to add this: It is manly to do your job well, and be proud of your work. That will add to your self respect - and thus to your respect for others.

I don't say that it is easy in every job you can find. But it is important.
What do have an aptitude for? Mechanical, electrical, computers or maybe working with your hands? I worked in the elctrical utility field and there are a few choices for good hard working people. Out in the field there are jobs as linemen, Utility (substation) electricians/technicians and in the office there are electrical engineers. Even if you choose to be an engineer, try to get some field work so you understand what it is all about besides what is in those text books. Some places hire linemen helpers called groundmen. Working on a line crew won't be a place for a momma's boy. Lots of risks, hazards and machismo!
Something I wanted to do when I was younger, that is pretty manly, doesn't have that many requirements and still in somewhat of a demand in these trying times: OTR truck driver
I live in Northern Nevada, and right now, with metals prices at all time highs, the mines are hiring quite a few people. If you like lots of money, a little adventure, the outdoors, and the last real frontier outside Alaska in the US, it may be the thing for you.
I always love to offer advise, so I will. In the course of my life there have been people I have admired in their job, but almost never because of the job itself. It was in their approach to the job. I have met a janitor, that each day pressed his uniform and shined his shoes to clean up after the kids, and took great pride in his work. You could see the pride swell in his chest when anybody cared to mention the schools cleanliness. He would never have dreamed of slacking off, he was being paid, so he made sure he earned every penny. I have met other men and women like him over the years, from bank clerks to produce managers, to a corporate executive. It is never the job that is manly, it is the man who does it. The pride he takes in himself and his reputation he stakes his work on. If you can do this, there is no limit to the success you can see.


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