I'm an electrician, and find it useful to carry knives on me while at work, but I also carry some type of blade at almost all other times. I've always carried a small "squirt" leatherman and a single blade jack knife by Buck with me. I also have a Husky razor knife and a spring assisted blade that I received at school, both of which I keep on my tool belt. However, recently I decided I would carry my Buck 110 Folding Hunter as EDC as well, rather than having it sit around in the sheath getting no use out of it.

In addition to the knives I've already mentioned, I have a Buck Selkirk fixed blade (I'm fond of Buck, if you can't tell), a Swiss Army Knife, and several other knives of uncertain brands I use for various needs. I also keep another spring assisted knife with seatbelt cutter and window smasher in my car for emergencies.

I was just wondering what everyone's favorite pocket knives were, whether or not you use them as everyday carry and why, and what everyone's thoughts are on the declining number of men who do carry a pocket knife every day.

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It's not much different than teaching gun safety to young children: the more exposure to them, the more likely they"ll be to follow the rules properly.

In theory. Still, think like today's young father - knives aren't peaceful. And I can't remember the last time I saw a toy gun. (Then again - I live in Massachusetts. I can't speak for the rest of the nation, just what I see around me.) 

It's a prevailing theory here in Utah. I know more people that treat guns and knives the same here--as tools to be used and respected, but not feared--than I do those that don't. But Utah is very different from Massachusetts.

Personally, I think every boy should be given a pocket knife when he is ready for it.  I think I got my first knife when I was 7 or 8.

I got mine when I was 9. A prize for winning the Cub Scout popcorn sales contest.

Strewth. Again - knives equated with violence and ill intent. A well child wouldn't want such a thing, goes the reasoning. I can see, perhaps below age 12, a zero-tolerance policy; immature children will simply do immature things. 

I'm not sure I agree there either. I know 7 and 8 year old kids who camp, and use a pocketknife safely and usefully in that situation, as well as others. I disagree with zero tolerance policies in just about every conceivable circumstance.

I think Liam has a big part of it - our kids are taught by school policy that knives are scary.  And since they aren't allowed to carry them for most of their day (during the school year) they don't develop the habit.

But I have to admit that many people around me carry them.  That may have something to do with the environment - In Alabama, on an Army installation.  There are quite a few people here walking around in suit and ties with a small clip hanging out of their pocket.  And I see a lot of that at church as well.

In some ways I can see the habit thing when it comes to me carrying a concealed pistol.  I have the permit and the gun, and I want to be prepared in that way.  But since I can't carry at work, or even have it in the car, it is really hard to carry most days.  And even on the days I don't go anywhere near work I forget more often than not because it isn't a habit.  (Don't get me started on what I think about the unarmed Army facility policy. :P )

I've never carried one, nor have I especially felt need of one. When I'm out in the field or gardening I'll have the tools I need, but in everyday go out and about? No. I had a member give me one that I carried for awhile, but I found it uncomfortable to sit on, it was scarring my wallet and I would not dare carry it with my phone pocket. More important, I never used it. Everyone's lifestyle is different, and I think it's up to everyone to decide what they need to get through each day, if a knife is part of that, fine, if not, ok too. It's a personal decision.

My grandfather and father carried pocket knives. So I developed the habit. I usually carry a Case mini copperhead or a small Buck knife.

I carry an Opinel.  I like the wood handle.

That's a handsome piece. 


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