I'm going hunting this Fall, and I know that this is a very superficial question, but I don't want to look like the Camo Clad Rednecks you see now.

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I just took my son hunting for the first time a couple weeks ago. I am not a big fan of camo so I wanted something else. I bought a couple pairs of Carhart work pants one in an olive and another in a brown color. I wore dark solid color tshirts and I had a plaid button up shirt for colder early morning hunts. The Carhart pants are something I can wear to work around the house and not simply take up space in the closet until I go hunting again and that is why I bought them. The blood from cleaning the deer washed right out of the pants and they are tough and built to last. I might buy a couple of the digital camo shirts next time I am at Col Bubbie's with my sons. I don't like the look of camo but the digital camo does look a bit better.

My son opted for dark blue jeans and a camo t-shirt. He was picky about the camo because he thought most of them looked ridiculous.

Filson makes some amazing quality stuff.

It's not about what you're wearing, its why you're wearing it. Camo breaks up a pattern. Plain and simple. Sure to some (me) its a fashion statement, a way to be proud of our outdoor obsession, but its also a utility tool. Mossy, realtree, digital...doesn't matter. Its about the break up. The different camos are pretty much just for matching the color of your surrounding. I change it up based on time of year, location etc. Heck, some of the best hunting pattern out there is ASAT. You look like a clown, right up until you disappear into the woods. My granddad hunting in jeans and work coat, played the wind and found concealment. You learn to do what you must. 

And for god's sake, please dont wear tweed. The last thing we need is some fashionista hipster walking around in the deer woods.

Depends on the hunting, if you're hunting deer I would totally wear a camo pattern that fits your terrain. Or if you are in a ground blind you can wear all black. If its bird hunting, like dove/quail, I would wear a camo shirt and a tough pair of khakis. If its turkey I would dress in all camo to the extreme. That's the only hunting I've done, so that is my advice to you. 

A loincloth and a club.


Um: Obvious.

Orange for safety and where required. Tweed otherwise. 


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