I was curious who here plays video games and how often.

I think that video gaming sometimes has a negative stigma as just an addictive 'time waster' that doesn't offer much mental stimulation.

I think this can be true, but I think this varies from person-to-person; if gaming gets to the point that it's mindless repetition and the person doesn't have much reason why they're doing it other than to 'kill boredom' then I'd say yes, but beyond that I'd say it's a legitimate hobby which one can grow at.

Lately I've been playing Modern Combat 5 on my PC; I don't own a game console right now (and don't really want one because in the past it ended up being too much of a time-waster, and I can monitor myself better on PC), and don't avidly keep up with gaming in general; I'm also mildly into more competitive or 'esports' style gaming because I find it an enjoyable and stimulating outlet.

As far as why gaming is viewed as more of a 'mindless time waster' than 'real sports or activities', I'd say it's probably because the entry-level is lower and it offers a quicker sense of reward with minimal effort, a la gambling at a slot machine - a person too lazy to even leave their couch can still game, but someone who wants to... play tennis even at a beginner's level has to at least be motivated to get up and go outside; that's just my 2 cents anyway.

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Hello I spend a few hours a week on online game online slot machines, it helps me to relax from work, and restart my brain

I used to love playing video games as a kid, and still long for those old games and watch them being played on YouTube when I get enough free time and am of a mind to watch.  I loved the adventure and exploration games the most, such as Metroid and Zelda.  The combat games like Contra were a lot of fun as well.  I was never much good at the shooting games.  I briefly got into a couple of the Final Fantasy and RPGs, and I still love FF6 and hope to sit down and play through FF7 and 8 one day as I hear those were also great games.  When I was 21, I left my old life behind and had no access to video games for a couple years.  When I came home, gaming had advanced to a point where I couldn't play most of the new stuff any more.  I tend to prefer simple games.  First-person shooters are totally out of the question for me.  So I guess I'm very old school because I largely got left behind.  Now, I'm at home with two very young girls all day most days and just don't have that kind of time any more.  But as a kid, my games were, in a way, my best friends, as making friends was hard for me.  I agree there's nothing wrong with gaming, so long as it doesn't take the place of higher priorities or if there's not too much time spent playing them.  As with any hobby, it can become distructive when taken to excess.


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