Our son is 6'4" at 14 and shows no signs of slowing down or shrinking; he has outgrown the family car. I am willing to let him ride around with the seat reclined for now, but someday he's going to have to get a vehicle of his own. I refuse to invent a reduction ray and use it on him because I'm hoping he'll get to college on a football or basketball scholarship.

Tall men, big men, I'm seeking your help. What do you drive? Please don't tell me this will be his fate (not that Andre the Giant wasn't cool):

I am happily average in height and can drive pretty much anything on the lot so I don't know how to guide him as the learner's permit and eventual independent driving loom on the horizon.

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I'm 6'6" and I am by far the most comfortable in a full-size pickup truck.

There is a dude in my neighborhood - 6'4" and about 300 lbs. He drives a yellow smart car everywhere. 

I'll admit though - it does remind me of this...

This is almost the current situation at our house.

I am 6'5" 240 pounds so I assume I qualify to answer? I drive a Toyota Landcruiser 80 series (in Kenya, not sure that they are readily available in the USA. I find it easier to fit in than anything else I have driven. I would agree with Jonathan that most full-size pickups would work.

Thanks for the feedback, gents!

My wife and I leased the new Beetle when it came out; the headroom on the thing was amazing, like we were driving around in some sort of glass bubble. Not the manliest car out there, but astonishingly roomy for it's size.

I've heard that about the new Beetle. Wilt Chamberlain almost fit in the old model ... almost.

Great commercial. 

I loved that car, it handled well and you really could fly. Good thing it was more my wife's car, as I knew I'd probably end up wrapped around a tree in it.

I traded my Cadillac SUV in on a 2013 Beetle Convertible; it has more interior driver space than the Caddy did and I much prefer the 40mpg of the Beetle over the 15mpg of the Cadillac.

I Suppose SUVs and trucks will do... I feel very small in my fathers SUV....

I'm in the same boat.I am 6 feet tall and just came back fro man 8 hr drive in my Moms Kia Optima and my back and legs are killing me. I drive a 2011 Civic( it was cheap and Im paying off a massive credit card debt from school) and it does the same thing. Im used to driving trucks and have been considering a crossover or SUV that lets me sit hight, though with the cost plus low MPGs I hate to spend that kinda cash. Id much rather have a nicer( yes, more manly) car but Im not sure which route to go..so I guess I mgonna be askin lotsa questions and doin lotsa research!


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