I have a problem that drives me nuts every day.

If i go into a shopping centre, or am at internship or generally any place that is warm, and i get a little bit nervous (like only a tiny bit, for example if i talk to someone and i they correct me or similar)i start to sweat heavily, mainly on the back. I also get red areas in my face. And it doesn't stop for a while even if i go outside and cool down or something. Also my skin starts to itch then.

Just as an example, i went to buy some stuff for my boss and when i paid it started. I was cool, and i do that almost every day! But still something caused me to get red and sweat.

Also i noticed that when i'm writing this it also starts, its just something that makes me very uncomfortable.

Anybody else got similar problems and/or can offer advice?

If i could get one wish granted in my life it would be that this stops. It really fucks my days up and i allways fear to smell bad afterwards.

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I'm certainly no doctor, but you should go to a doctor.  There is a medical condition that causes excess sweating.  I remember a tennis player (Patrick Rafter I think) who had white-man's afro hair had to buzz his head during one of the major tennis championships because he had this problem.  So see a doctor, make sure you hydrate and it's probably not your fault.

Hope that helps.  I used to be a personal trainer for 5 years, and I've seen all kinds of interesting conditions.  Alot of people sweat what seems in excess of normal.  Maybe it's a medical thing you can get treated or maybe its just your body chemistry.  Don't worry too much.

Ok thank you very much, i will go to my doctor then. I know my dad sweats a lot with his hands, so maybe it is coming from that. Also i lived for a while in a very cold house and we are still not heating much, so i am not used to temperatures that are normall in houses for others. (I would have prefered to grow up like this too)

Edit: Also, awesome profile picture.

Eh, my back sweats all the time just from socializing. I'm a big time introvert, so being around people is not my comfort zone. I blush easily too, and fair skin makes it show up more. Not to mention the clammy hands. You're probably just like me. Sweating under stress is natural. If you blush too at your age it's probably social anxiety. It's no big deal, although it's a little embarrassing.

Out of curiosity, do you wear antiperspirant or deodorant?


I had a similar problem for years, until I stopped wearing antiperspirant.  Basically, it's going to come out somewhere, and if it can't come out where it's supposed to (underarms) it's going to come out somewhere else.  For me it was both the chest and back.


Once I stopped wearing antiperspirant, my body renormalized over a period of a few weeks, and the problem went away.


As for the social aspects, I'm a severe introvert.  But even I don't have that much anxiety.  See a doctor if it continues.

I'm wearing deodorant. Good to hear that, then i won't even try antiperpirant.

I will continue to analyse when and why i start sweating, i have the feeling it really is just a thing in my mind. Probably from then time when i was akward, and now i have still sometimes get used to being not that awkward anymore.

Also i got told by someone that i may be because i'm not doing much sports recently, which is true, but i am still sweating so i can't imagine that this is the problem.

I used to have the very same issue at your age, Luca. My heat tolerance level was extremely low which made Summer a season I braced for with trepidation. The cut-off was around 60°F. I dreaded appointments on days when the temps went above this line. Usually, if the walk wasn't too long, I was fine until I reached the place, but then my body took it upon itself to cool down, thus soaking me from head to trunk. It would take a dozen minutes for it to stop. Anxiety, which I struggled with back then played a part as well.

I did a lot of research by myself, since my PC doc wasn't incredibly insightful. My impression is it could have been due to hyperthyroidism. (http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/266255.php)

I was tested for it at the time. The tests came back negative... but years later a nurse friend of mine told me they should have conducted an extra test to rule it out in a definite manner.

The good news I have for you is I got rid of excessive sweating. The not so good one is I can't pinpoint why for certain. For all I know, it might just have to do with aging and related hormonal changes... There are other factors I would favor though. One is that I shed social anxiety altogether, and I also had to make a radical change in my diet due to other health issues. I suspect it may have put my thyroid back on the right track.

Thanks for the reply! I will look into it. I'm also hoping that it will just go away when i am older. It's probably linked to being uncomfortable in some way, at least i have that impression. Nice to hear you are good now!

Excess, episodic sweating can be caused by high blood pressure. You definitely should see a doctor.


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