When you are listening to the radio, what songs make you sigh or grunt with frustration when they are played?

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All of that being said, I do love Pandora. Every time I want to say that there is nothing new/good getting created, it has me hold its beer and it shows me something badass.

Pandora?! New?!

Phil Collins would be better if he weren't so overplayed. However, I hate that "In the Air Tonight" song with a passion. He must have been on drugs when he did that. But not cocaine, because that would probably make it better.

Since I mostly listen to a 90's music station these days, I really grunt with frustration when a contemporary 'song' comes up >.>

Basically anything by Florida Georgia Line. All their songs sound the same. 

CANNOT STAND Cotton Eye Joe nor Boot Skootin' Boogie!

Rude by Magic! or Send My Love by Adele.

Several others but I'm drawing a blank on them now. But if I heard them, I'd know it.


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