When you are listening to the radio, what songs make you sigh or grunt with frustration when they are played?

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Nirvana - Seriously, just about any 90's grunge band was better and most were around before them

Red Hot Chili Peppers - They were slightly cool with Mother's Milk, and the summer Blood Sugar whatever was released everyone listened to them on repeat. Since then, it has been the same shit song over and over

Cracked.com has an article about that very topic, too. RHCP are very good at what they do; but they've been doing that exact same thing for like 30 years.

I don't listen to much radio in the car, but when I do, I listen to NPR and the local PBS station(s).  Stay informed, my friends.  Virtually everything else on the air is controlled by a very few broadcasting conglomerates, so coast-to-coast, it's going to be the same play list.

Although something showed up on my daughter's favorite radio station that I found quite fun.  It was a rap number...but the artist uses the melody of "Turkey in the Straw."  Not the lyrics, but it's a nice little  chuckler to hear "while driving along in my auto-mobeel."

I can listen to NPR for about ten minutes before I want to go slit my wrists.
Not all radio is corporoconglomerate; go to either end of the FM dial and it may surprise you. We are lucky to have quite a few local college/community supported stations in our area and that is where they are.

Pretty much everything on the radio.

My wife loves 1980s-90s elevator music and 'power ballads'.  Journey.  Chicago.  The Eagles.  It's mostly pretty awful -- with a few exceptions.  Generally, synthesizers and an overwrought vocalist whining about something or other.

Luckily, I like her a lot ... because her music is pretty lousy.


You don't like the Eagles??

How can you dislike this?


Any vocal that is auto tuned; why anyone thinks that is desirable is beyond me.

Top secret: Almost every vocal is auto-tuned.

Some are just flagrantly auto-tuned on purpose.

Oh I know, part of the studio perfection of the sound. Why so many artists sound flat live. But in and of itself I find it electronic and pretty awful.


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