When you are listening to the radio, what songs make you sigh or grunt with frustration when they are played?

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Anything by Pitbull, that bass song by Megan Traynor, well just about anything made after 1996.

You and I probably have similar musical taste.

Anything that is meant to be danced to moreso than listened to.

The majority of Mozart.

Don't worry, I doubt there will be anything by Mozart in perdition. >:(

Mozart is an over-hyped hack! I only like his older stuff anyway. He was better before he sold out.

About all the ones I hear do.

I should probably not listen to the radio...

I don't really listen to radio anymore and am exploring music services like Pandora and others to find what works for me.  I love finding new artists and songs, but my tastes are...shall we say...unique.  But to answer your question, what makes me groan and sigh with frustration is when I've heard the song for the thousandth time.  It's like the owners of all these radio stations think we just can't hear all the number one songs over the past 60 years often enough.  I keep thinking that these artists did create other songs that are sometimes just as good, and often better, than whatever song(s) landed at the #1 slot for a while.  It all just gets really old, really fast.  And to my knowledge, there is no AM or FM station that plays some of my most favorite types of music...not that I'd necessarily want to listen to them all day anyway.  And maybe that's good. that they're not so well-known, because I'd hate for my favorite ganres to all start sounding the same.

Boston (overplayed), Steve Miller (overplayed), Madonna, Oasis, the Bee Gees or any disco, Captain and Tennille, Tears for Fears, Tiffany, Whitney Houston, Wham, Rick Astley, Culture Club, The B-52's, Bobby Brown, Bob Seger (overplayed), and this is where I should stop.....

wow what do you even listen to?

I don't listen to the radio unless it's for news / reporting / documentaries on CBC. For music, I just go with Spotify, BBC 1Xtra, Youtube, etc.

"My Old Man" by Zac Brown Band 

Like the sentiment, hate the song. If the song comes on, the station goes off.


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