Hello all,

I moved to a new apartment (first time living on my own) just after graduating this May. I have found that I can fill my time easily enough without a TV but what I can not fill is the space it would occupy. My largish living room feels rather odd with a sofa facing just a few office chairs. A TV would nicely fill that spot but I am interested in other ideas for different things that could go there. I already have plenty of book case, desk and table space. Assuming a budget of a new TV what would you put in a living room?



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Nice stereo system?  Full bar?  There are a lot of things that could go in a good-sized living room with a budget like that. Personally, I'd just add shelves and books but I already have too many.

Our living room has always had a TV.  Maybe a big fish tank?


A wall piano is the first thing that comes to mind... they used to adorn american family rooms as the focal point for socializing before radio & TV, when people would come together and play music and sing for fellowship and pass the time... you can often find one for free or cheap on Craigslist, and it costs just a couple hundred bucks to have it moved and tuned... and the piano bench will add extra sitting space for when you have company, and folks aren't playing the piano...

The top of the piano acts like a fireplace mantle for art objects or other smaller musical instruments, and guests who do come over that know how to play will be naturally drawn to it... you could take lessons, or get a book & DVD and teach yourself since the piano is the easiest instrument to learn how to play, and your friends could teach you a little here & there as time goes on...

no brainer 

Depending on the size of your room and budget, you can change the office chairs with a decent lounge-chair or reading one, or another couch. Office chairs probably look like you've just set them there, actual chairs for 1 person would change that; at least it does for me. Two couches facing eachother, if done right looks nice and is practical when you have visitors over as well.
You can also try changing the orientation of the couch etc.; does wonders sometimes on how a room looks.

If you don't want a TV, don't get one. 

I like the idea of a bar, even just a side bar.  Fish tanks are a lot of fun and very interesting. 

Get a pair of nice chairs, maybe a nice planter's chair or a recliner.  Starting a nice sound system would be fun. 

What are your hobbies?

Or a pair of 60 gallon fish tanks , maybe found cheap on craigslist, could be built into a bar....

This. Fish tank bar top = Win.

We have a computer and a wireless keyboard.  This lets us enjoy netflix and we use it also as a large picture frame.  We do not have cable.

Do you never watch movies at home?  I know you can watch movies on your computer these days but what about on a date, a girl would much rather be able to sit/spread out on a sofa looking at a decent tv than a <20" monitor.  I don't have cable but I still have a tv/sound system/ps3 for entertainment purposes.  but to each his own if you would rather not have one. 


If I didn't have a tv I have no idea what I would put there right now haha

Wow! First off I didn't expect so many replies so fast; thanks!

Second there have been a lot of great ideas:

Big Stereo, Full wet bar, Fish tank, Wall Piano , 

Endless rock wall, Second Sofa, and of course a TV.

Perhaps other who also want to kick the TV habit can use some of them.

A little more about me: During college I always had roomates with TV so I never had to think about it.And most of my time was spend on Formula SAE so I didn't have much use for a TV.

Of course know that I have graduated I will have to find a new hobby! 

It is likely that I will still end up getting a set if only because my rent includes cable. Though I did  like my brothers of idea of a pool table.


I have the same "problem"

Honestly, I haven't really solved it. My living room is a bit narrow, too, so it really does seem designed to just line up the furniture to face a screen. Instead, I have a 2-person sofa, armchair, and recliner, arranged in a triangular "conversation area." It's still a bit wide for easy conversation. When I have more than a couple guests over, I pull chairs from the kitchen in, and they form a comfy, tight circle.


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