So:  what have you ever done that cost you your man card?

Whoever posted affirmative in the armpit-shaving thread:  understood! 

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Oh hell, over 46 years, lots of things, and probably all related to women.  I just scratch my balls, chop some wood, and have a good stiff drink to get my card back.

A few weeks ago, I wounded my finger, but mostly my pride.

I was on a camping trip Saturday afternoon when I, like a moron, was cutting the plastic wrap around a charcoal bag and not paying attention to where my other hand was. Knife got away from me, and I shaved the skin clean off almost the entire bottom part of the tip of my left index finger (where they take your fingerprint), leaving my epidermis a dangling flap. Couldn't hardly doctor it for the bloody mess it was making, had to get a buddy to help me. When he put a bandage with antibiotic ointment on it, it bled through quicker than he could wrap it to keep pressure on it. He finally managed to cover it with no ointment or antiseptic, and that had to do. It was bloody, and he rinsed it off anyway with clean water (which made me holler).

When I got back home about 11:00 Sunday night (after two flat tires in a row that day, the third total for the weekend), I went to remove the bandage. Of course it hurt like the dickens because it was ripping off whatever healing already took place. It also bled profusely again. Decided to quit removing the bandages and go to an ER because of the surface area and my having no idea what was under there. Stayed there from 12:00 to 4:00. They couldn't suture it because it happened 36 hours ago (and I don't see how they could have, without some kind of graft), so they cleaned it out, gave me a tetanus shot, and sent me home. Slept like a baby, which is expected considering I had stayed up about 24 hours that day.

Now the finger is pretty much healed, but my ego is still bleeding. It's weird though-- most of my healed finger looks as if it never happened, except for a small area with a noticeably raised scar, and possibly no fingerprint.

Humble brag?  That sounds like you should get your card punched, not revoked!

Nah, it shouldn't have happened in the first place. I was being stupid.

Plus, I yelled out when my friend poured water on it.

He went to the ER for a cut, mancard revoked! lol.

The burning intensity of my undying love for Idolm@ster costs me my man card.

Also, I've had quite a few people admit that they thought I was gay when they first met me.

I was in the gym. lifting fairly heavy weights, and caught myself singing along with a song playing on the sound system.  The song was "If I Could Turn Back Time" by Cher.

That's ok, I once sang Dancing Queen with a karaoke machine to amuse my younger cousins. And I'd do it again.

I once went to the ER for a broken toe. Co-workers laughed at me. I didn't know you just tape it to the next toe for healing.

I went “Flaming”** to clear an area of the fabric store to find the material I needed.  All of a sudden the moms that kept crowding me out of the fabric bins took their girls elsewhere.  

I also use "Flaming" to make the ladies feel better when I fit them for costuming.  “Flaming” makes them feel better when I'm getting measurements, fitting, pinning, etc in intimate places.      

As to getting my man card back.  I suspect western martial arts (Sword & Shield), building houses, hunting, and sipping distilled spirits neat keeps my membership up to date.

**(Side note Gay is not unmanly, “Flaming” is.)

Could you define "flaming" please?


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