I still haven't came to any for sure conclusions on what type of field I want to go into, but I have narrowed it down to business or IT (with a specialization in either web design, or cyber security). Next semester I will be a junior, and I will actually have to start paying for school (I had Fin aid + scholarships, it was free other than books) and since I can't come to a conclusion, should I take some time off and work full time and think about it and my life in general? I have to go now, I will post more details later. Just wanted to get the discussion up and running. 

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HAHAHA. Pretty much! 

Going to add to this a little bit, I am leaning towards taking it off. The main reason is funding/motivation. I will have some financial aid but it will not even cover my tuition, I would also be commuting and doing the exact same thing I did last semester which led to me falling into a deep "depression" like state and it led to me failing a class (thankfully it didn't mess my GPA up bad at all). I just don't see the point in me going if I don't know my major and will not be motivated for it. It's not like in the time off I would just lay around the house, I would work nearly full time hours and read books and do a lot of soul searching. 

I think you need to find out what you're interested in because you're not finding it at college and you're wasting your money going and taking classes just to fill up your schedule (at least that's what it sounds like to me).

You are exactly right, Rick. My only fear (and it's not a big fear) is that I will fail to complete a bachelor's by not going back. But I don't think I would allow that, I am halfway done as it is, and most of the statistics on "college dropouts" are based on the freshman that leave after their first year or semester.

I just don't think I am going to find my passion in the classroom. I have been in school going on 17 years, I am really burnt on it. 

No. I took off to work and did not go back for 26 years. Got my B.A. at 48 and M.A. at 50. Did not start career I always wanted until I was 51. Wish I had stayed in and received my degrees when I was 21 and 23. Do not leave school.

George is that because you already knew what that special career was? I do not right now, and if I did I wouldn't even question staying in college and finishing that degree to get me that dream job. 

I had an idea but was not 100% sure at the time. I was sure 2 years after I left.

What was that job George?

Historian and art curator. Instead for 25 years I worked for AT&T. 

I would choose web design. Cyber security is everchanging. But I know you have design skills and a strong sense of styling, I think you should study web design.

Web design is actually as fluid as cyber security.  It is why I love it.

The styles change, the methods and frame works constantly change.  You can look at a site that is 3 years old and feel it if it is not being updated.  You have to know the foundations so you can move with the tide.  But the tide will be moving and you have to constantly be ready to learn, adopt and forget.

This is true of cyber security and web design.


So I am in fact going to school next semester, have my orientation next week. One last line of questions, I have did some soul searching and talked to some of my former high school teachers and they have offered solid advice in choosing a path. 

Originally I was leaning on the IT stuff, but now I am not sure, I am good with computers and electronics and like keeping my own tech updated but the main thing that worries me is the outsourcing of these jobs and bringing in work visas that get paid lower to do all of the work that I could do (Also some of the jobs seem menial and boring).

Recently, I have been reading a lot about entrepreneurs and I think that would be the ultimate freedom, being your own boss. I know it is a long shot but I would love to have my own restaurant and eventually get into real estate investing. I like learning about the way money works and how you can use it to your advantage especially in entrepreneurial pursuits. My fear is I would get a finance or economics degree and end up working in a desk job which I would not want to do as a career. 

The other two options I have considered is becoming a teacher (positively impacting others lives, cannot be outsourced, spreading knowledge) and eventually getting into administration or trying to work my way into a federal government job (FBI, CIA, DEA, ATF) because I enjoy learning about history and stay on top of global events and learning the causes behind things that happen throughout the world. 

Wide range of ideas and passions, only one choice. 


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