Hey, folks.

I've been struggling recently with procrastination. I'm always kinda tired and everyday I make excuses to myself to procrastinate. My work is pretty overdue and I'm starting getting into a massive trouble.

Please, help.

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I have some great methods, I'll put them on here tomorrow.

Nvm, It will be a week or two.


If the threat of getting in trouble at work/school, etc. isn't doing it - I'm not sure what will. I procrastinate too - but hard deadlines are a good motivator.

But here is an article from Psychology today with some thoughts that may be helpful. Good luck. 

Stop asking what to do and just start doing the things you have to do. Its not rocket science. You dont need to read a book on it. Just dont let the excuses count, get your lazy ass up and do it.

This. Either you are doing it, or you aren't. Chances are that the things that you are doing that aren't what you should be doing, have no real importance at all.

Start.  Motivation is a fickle bitch.  Fails every time.  Learn to act without it.

The good news is, good habits are as hard to break as bad ones.  And, inertia works both ways.  Objects at rest tend to remain ... but, objects in motion tend to stay that way.  Get moving early.  Accomplish something first thing in the morning, and you'll be unstoppable.  Accomplish nothing first thing ... and you'll be unstartable.


An alternative view:

I can think of myself in two parts (at least):  the part that wants to get things done and fears deadlines, and the part that wants to do pretty much anything else.  Mr. Lazy and Mr. Busy, we'll say.  Or better yet, playtime baby part (because Mr. Lazy's like a baby -- all about gratification) and strict adult part.

The strict part would like to crush the baby part.  But I know deep down I can't do that to a baby.  So since the strict part's solution is to give the baby nothing, and I won't do that, leaving me with no solution but to put the baby in charge.  Baaaaad idea.

Solution is to give the baby some things, but not control.  Play for 10 minutes, not the entire hour.  (And not the first 10 minutes, either.  Maybe the last.  Maybe in the middle.)  Or something else to give him something, but not everything.


Next solution:  the task looks too monstrous?  Break it to bits.  If you have to order eyeglasses and have been putting it all off for months... your job isn't to get eyeglasses (now), but just to identify an eye doc.  Still too much?  Then don't identify, just get a list.  Still too much?  Open the web browser and type "eye doctor <your city>" in a search engine.  Then, after doing that, what else isn't too much?  Clicking on three promising links?  Do it.  Then, what's something else that isn't too much?  Step-at-a-time progress is still progress.

I used to do this when I was depressed.


There are also options for changing environment.  Go to a library with only the books you need to read, with no computer.  Or, you gotta use Internet?  Swear you won't look at any web sites except StackOverflow and Microsoft and something you click on after googling a project-related set of search terms.


The main website had a nice podcast on this.


Since I live alone, I have to be self-motivated/disciplined. I prefer to tackle the tougher tasks first. When I'm working at home, I like to complete tasks using the Pomodoro technique. I set a timer for myself for 25 minutes (or another amount of time) to complete a task. When the timer goes off, I'll take a 5-minute break with a preferred activity. Usually, this activity is YouTube or Game related. When my break is over I go right back to work. I also really like using Week/Day planners and To Do lists to keep me organized.


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