Well, here's a funny story I'm sure somebody can relate to. Back in high school, I dated a girl who had extremely strong feelings for me, but I was way more focused on getting out of school and into college than I should have been. I was incredibly fond of her too, I just had different priorities. She was younger than me, and I graduated high school a few months early and started working until the summer was over. At the same time I graduated, she moved schools and didn't talk anymore. She got into a relationship that went on to last two years. During those two years, her boyfriend didn't let me talk to her because he was an insecure fella. Now we're back in contact as of two months ago and I think I might be in love with her. Long story short (I know it's a little late now): I'm in college in Oklahoma and she's staying in Dallas for college when that time rolls around, but I haven't met a single girl that's as attractive as she is (more than just physically). She told me she wanted to try the whole long distance thing, but I wasn't sure about it at the time. When I told her I wanted to try, she told me it wasn't a good time for her right now and that I missed my shot. This is a girl that has told me she could marry someone like me. Given, it may not be me, but she's looking for someone with the same qualities I have. What do I do from here? 

Is this one of those things where I sit back and wait to see if those feelings come back to her? Should I just accept the fact that I missed my shot and move forward? Am I supposed to actively pursue her until she catches feelings again? 

George Strait says: "If there's two things that I know for sure, it's that you can't make a women feel something she don't, and you can't build a house with no doors." Is that the situation I'm in here?

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Idk, but it may be that you're talking to her abt having a relationship, when you shd be talking to her abt having a date.  Less commitment, more chance to feel attraction.

...and if you offer to be a friend, that's where you'll be:  the friend zone.

She might see it as if, the whole time she has liked you, all the way up to then was your opportunity to be with her. Eventually chasing after people gets tiring.

My advice would be to just try to develop or continue friendly conversation to let her know that you believe that she is worth everything you can get. Send her a message every now and then (but not while you are busy), tell her how nice it would be to catch up in person (even if you can't [it's the thought that counts]), and send her a silly picture or something every now and then.

But don't do that or anything super emotional while she is angry cuz her friends are going to see everything. That is also why you never say something mean over a message cuz she may forget, but her friends will not. 


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