The older I get (I am 46), the more I understand that it is the little things in life that give the most pleasure.  The big things, like my Jeep Rubicon, are enjoyable, but don't soothe the soul the same way.

Here are a few of my little pleasures, in no particular order:

1) cold, clean sheets

2) 2" square ice cubes in my scotch

3) the unprompted declaration of "I love you" from my 7-year-old daughter

4) the feel of a fountain pen

5) my dog lying next to me while watching a good movie

6) shining my shoes

7) standing on top of a mountain

8) the smell of leather

9) the sound of a #2 pencil

10) cleaning a handgun

What are your simple pleasures in life?

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At 50, it has recently become the following: Living in the now, allowing God to show me the simple, small blessings and miracles that I used to overlook on a daily basis. 

Learning about interesting subjects that make me think.

Taking walks outside, especially late at night.

Looking at the night sky.

Observing animals, be they wild and domesticated.

Observing human behavior.

Iced Tea

Comfy chairs

Being near the ocean, or any other body of water.

This list makes me sound like an old man, but I'm like 22. 

Sitting on a porch


The smell of new books

Looking at clouds


Playing with animals

A cup of earl grey tea at night

That feeling you get when you finally lie down after a hard day's work

I also like the smell of leather

Fellowship with friends and family




Ah, the smell of books.  That's a good one.

Talking silly crazy stuff with wife, sister, niece, son.

Hot bath



Sleep, glorious sleep

Lying on a sofa with absolutely nothing I have to do

Watching a storm from the front porch
Watching my garden produce
Watching my son have a dream so vivid he kicks and mumbles
Watching my wife get dressed up for something fancy

My dad used to sit on the front porch smoking a cigar and sipping a beer during terrible thunderstorms. I think it relaxed him, now i find they relax me too. 

Yeah, watching storms on the porch is a good one. I like feeling the slight mist.

All good things, for me the daily rituals, and specifically that point where I take off my shoes at night, because I am DONE with the world for another day.

Fried bologna sandwiches with my girl as a snack.

I'm a big proponent of peace and quiet, deliberate thought and meditation. Seems like in the peace and quiet all by myself, everything takes on a different importance. Only the things I choose to do get done, so they take on significance. (Ok, maybe I'm just weird that way.)

Shaving with a safety razor (I never mastered the straight razor) is one of my favorite rituals.  As is shining my shoes.  Or cleaning a gun.

1) Reminding my sons that I love them only to be chided that they already know.

2) Waking up with lucid dreams and/or an erection.

3) Making French press coffee.

4) Getting on the train to work on weekdays.

5) Reading a good line or hearing a good quote which resonates and writing it down.

6) Cool calm for good sleeping.

7) The first dandelion of the year. 

8) Doing sit ups.

9) Shaving after being in the steam room (disposable razors are fine for me)

10) Pouring a Weissbier with a good head and getting it on my upper lip on the first sip.


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