Is it typical for most guys to avoid going to the doctor at all cost, or is it just me? I really hate going to the doctor for some reason, and push it off until I absolutely HAVE to go.

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I read this post... and not to get off topic but I am marrying a doctor...  Wonder if I will be able to avoid her!  HA HA HA

Unlikely unless you have exactly one apple per day. I hear that works.

I don't typically go because in the past I've been able to take care of the problem better myself!

I avoid going when not necessary, I go when it is.

The full story is this: I've had some life threatening illnesses in my life that resulted in chronic and life altering issues. For the most part these issues are manageable, not treatable, and while incredibly inconvenient, not normally dangerous. I thank the doctors that have kept me alive and made my life easier.

I've also been injured. A lot. I was a parents worst nightmare. Constant breaks, sprains, foreign bodies lodged in my ear canal, perforated eardrums, dislocations, concussions contusions you name it. A high pain tolerance goes hand in had with injuring yourself on a weekly basis, and when a doctor sees a kid who has been injured and isn't crying or screaming, they tend to assume that the kid isn't that grievously injured, and do dumb things like trying to put my broken, not dislocated, shoulder back in the socket, or missing a perforated eardrum etc. Those doctors can hang for all I care. 

The point is, I know what I'm susceptible to (joint issues, kidney stones, etc) and I know when these hit emergency status, which is rare. I know how I've injured myself and I'm usually competent to decide whether I can walk it off/rest it or if I need to go get it rebroken, reset, or put back in the socket. 

Thats what I base my judgment calls on. If I had an issue that was serious, and really didn't know what was wrong, obviously I'm going to see a doctor.

Even though I like my doctor, I always resist going in.  Unless it's a pretty serious or long/annoying health issue.  Part of it is the hassle or the fact that doctor's make me feel really nervous.

The husband of a friend of mine died this week, falling down in the kitchen while walking to the bathroom.  He had a heart attack, which she told me she was worried about because of symptoms he had been having.  He would not go to a doctor though; she told me that he had bragged that he had never gone to a doctor in his entire life (a bit hard to believe, but he was proud of being able to say this).

When will men start behaving like adults and seek medical care when they might need it?  It does not make you a pussy to see a doctor or go to an urgent care facility.  What's the worst that could happen -- your being told that it's nothing so no one needs to worry?

But I think there are some men who are so scared of looking like a wimp that they ignore medical help, preferring to have written on their tombstones "At least he died like a man."  So sad.

Funny comic on doctor visits:

Link to original comic:

Here's my fav cartoon about visits to the office:

I remember that one. Good one!


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