Is it typical for most guys to avoid going to the doctor at all cost, or is it just me? I really hate going to the doctor for some reason, and push it off until I absolutely HAVE to go.

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I know a lot of people who generally avoid them, but in my group of friends it boils down to a lack of insurance and money more than anything I believe. I think the only times I've visited a doctor was for broken bones and sutures.

I'd really like to go to the doctor and have some blood tests and what-not done, just to see what sort of condition my body is actually in, but lack insurance and the means to do so.
I avoid. I don't like the doctor, any doctor. And I usually won't go unless I feel like I'm going to die for several days. Broken bones can be reset by people who are nurses and luckily enough for me a few of my friends are.
Some broken bones can be reset by a doctor. When I broke my fifth meta-carpal it split in two, muscle tissue then pulled it apart and so that it looked like = as opposed to - -. Had to have surgery on it and pins placed.

Better safe than sorry when it comes to something serious. You only have one body, no telling what can happen in the long run if things aren't properly taken care of.
All the men in my family share this trait, myself included. Part of it definitely comes from a mindset that, if you're not dying, you can handle it on your own. I have toughed out sinus infections, any number of flues and colds, minor broken bones. I've set dislocations (surprisingly easy if you do it while the adrenaline is still flowing) and even given myself stitches a couple times when I cut myself badly. Not because I have any intention of being a badass, but because it's a) simpler, and b) just not necessary to see a doctor. Usually they do nothing but look at you, give you a b.s. prescription, and send you on your way. I have better things to spend my money on. Then again, my opinion of doctors is a bit jaded, a lot of people close to me have gone into the hospital with something simple and then left either dead or scarred for life. So, yeah, I'm not a big fan of doctors -- might be why I avoid them.
I put it off at all costs. I have good insurance , but honestly I hate going.

I have to be pretty bad off or totally unable to self diagnose before I will go. I would like to think think that it is because I am some kind of badass, but it may just be that I am a chicken. Who knows?
When doctors started being my age I stopped trusting them.
When I was a little I used to dread going to the doctor, as I assume most little kids were like. Now, I actually look forward to going to the doctor. It's always a great feeling inside of you when you know that you were just examined by a doctor, and nothing is really wrong with you, no cancer no nothing.
I'm like most of the other respondents. Avoid going to the doctor unless I'm suffering or if the wifes incessant nagging drives me to go.
I too have a soda problem. It's gotten to the point where I head off the dentist and his minions at the pass. Before I even get in the chair, they are informed politely, but firmly, that I didn't come for a lesson in oral hygiene. "You can get out the drill, but don't you dare presume to lecture me." It's great to see the look on their faces when you start with that.
That would explain why I keep confessing to crimes I never committed when I go to the dentist.
yeah i hate the whole..."You have not been flossing have you!" No I havent!
I hate doctors also and avoid it as much as I can. My dislike of doctors though, has motivated me to take better and better care of myself as I age. When it comes to diet and exercise, my regimen is less than ideal, but it is more than acceptable.


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