Whether we read the comics, or just watch the movies, we all have superheroes/heroines we like. Don't be the pretentious guy who needs to post the comment that you don't like any, because that's called lying and nobody likes that guy anyway.

My highest choice in both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the comic books is without a doubt Dr. Strange, and I also give extensive praise to Brother Voodoo, another character in the Dr. Strange comics.

As very as DC goes, I'm also pretty into the Batverse, partly for him, and partly because he has the most awesome rouge's gallery of any Hero.

Who wants to post their picks?

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I don't like any.  I'm posting so you'll know how superior my tastes are.  I honestly do not have a secret passion for Batfink or Underdog.

I can't claim much knowledge outside animated stuff and the original Spider-man comics. So while I have a pretty good understanding of characters, my view of them may be skewed in terms of origins, styles, etc.

When I was a kid I was a huge fan of Spider-man and the Hulk. Of course I'd be a filthy communist heathen if I didn't mention Captain America. I also like Beast. My favorite is still probably Spider-man. He's just a normal fella who had a hard life trying to do what he can.

Favorite villains might be Venom and Carnage. Mysterio and Doctor Octopus are cool too.

DC is trickier. Batman is my favorite. I know it's what everybody says, but I mean it. If I didn't mean it I'd be saying the opposite and talking about how overrated he is. I like his mood, his approach, and the aesthetics.

I really like the Question (bonus points for originally being an Objectivist). Doctor Fate is so, so, so much better than Doctor Strange. I like Martian Manhunter a lot too; I know this is probably really gay but I empathize with ​his feelings of isolation. Terry McGinnis Batman is also freaking awesome. John Stewart is hands-down the best Green Lantern. There's so many other lesser DC characters that I like. It's hard to list them all.

Favorite DC villain is definitely Darkseid. Dude has space-Hitler swagger. Perfect Superman villain. Honorable mentions go to the Joker (obviously), Mr. Freeze (can't hate a tragic villain), Vandal Savage, Braniac, Atrocitus, Doomsday, and Mr. Mxyzptlk (if he counts).

I liked Spider-Man and hulk too. Back when I was into collecting comics (around 1990) I collected over a hundred Spider-Man comics including quite a few of Todd Mcfarlane's (who pretty much reinvented Spider-Man, making him cool again).

Never was one for DC. I liked ambush bug I guess. Don't like superman. Too powerful. Boring. Best joke I've heard about his list of powers is that it includes anything thought up yet. Batman is ok but I think when people say they like batman what they mean is they like Frank Miller's Dark Knight batman. Every successful movie has been influenced by this dark brooding lonely batman. DC also took itself too serious. In 1990, Peter Parker was a young man who has only aged about 8 yrs since the teen who first appeared in the 1960s. Nick Fury may be a bit older but not nearly old enough to have fought in the war. No one cared. It's a comic book not a history novel but DC seemed to need continuity. They had an endless array if worlds (earth-1, earth -2, etc) and universes to explain why sups was still courting Louis for over half a century and why other characters kept changing back stories with new artists.

Never liked XMen much either and I was into comics at a golden age for them. Gambit, Bishop, Forge, Jubilee, cable, deadpool. All appreared around then. And the various XMen titles were being headed up by some of the biggest artists at the time (Rob Liefeld, Jim Lee). I didn't like them (but read my best friends copies who did collect them) because they were like soap operas. A few panals of action sandwiched between a book of speech balloons of XMen moaning about their relationships and feelings.

Interestingly, I thought some of marvel's comics which were just meant as toy merchandise tie-ins were good. Transformers, GI Joe, Micronauts, Starriors, ROM. All had good story lines.

Can't watch the Marvel Universe movies enough. They are just too much fun. And if you don't like Captain America, go back to commie russia you terrorist heathen.

I read the shit out of comic books when I was younger but I'll go ahead and be that guy: I've yet to see a superhero movie that I loved. I'm always underwhelmed.

RIP Adam West

Batman and Superman, mostly.  I haven't read a ton of comic books or graphic novels, but I liked Miller's Batman a lot.  Nolan's Dark Knight movies.  I rather liked Affleck's Batman in BvS.  For villains, I'll take Lex Luthor, Bane and Two Face.  Didn't care for the Lex Luthor casting in Batman vs. Superman, though.  Better than Gene Hackman, but still all wrong.

Marvel doesn't have anybody in the league of Batman or Superman, but their second-tier characters are better than DCs.  I like Wolverine, Captain America, Hulk and Thor, at least on film.  Spider-man is overrated, but all right.  Never much cared for the X-Men, though.  The movies are watchable.  The characters themselves never interested me much, aside from Wolverine.

For upcoming movies ... looking forward to Justice League, Aquaman, and The Incredibles 2.  At the moment, there are too many superhero movies to keep up, and they're getting awfully down-ballot.  Dr. Strange?  Ant Man?  Black Panther?  Suicide Squad?  Who are these people?  Suicide Squad was mediocre.  Joker was poorly conceived.  Harley Quinn was good enough ... but is an inherently annoying character, and can't carry a movie.  Deadshot was more interesting than I expected.  The rest were completely forgettable.

I heard Wonder Woman was good.  Haven't seen it or Captain America Civil War, yet.  I'll get around to them eventually.  The rest, I'll probably pass on.


Ant Man was a comedy, heist movie. Did a decent job if you only look at it like that. When he shows up in Civil War, he is still entirely for comic relief vs the political story line of registering and obeying orders from a global/central body

I liked BvS version of batman too. Zac Snyder gets a lot of grief but I like his dark realistic views of superheroes (watchmen, bvs) The fight scene in the movie where he takes out the men in the warehouse. That I think is what a man whose been fighting criminals with his fists for years fights like. Violent. No fancy shit. No knocking them out while somehow not harming them, as if to do otherwise would go against his noble character. He simply takes them down and out of his way seemily unconcerned as to whether his hits only knock them out or straight up murder them. I think this is what any man would become after yrs of being batman (with a bunch of dead side kicks and fighting psychos too).

PTSD Batman. Loved it.

The fighting style in BvS was a lot like Batman from the Arkham video games.


Oh. Never saw that

I loved TMNT as a Youth (hence the username) and have been re-reading a lot of comics this year as well.

Mostly Marvel and Ninja Turtles with some Oddball stuff as well. Darkhorse publishers put out some funny stuff.  really enjoy the self-depreciation of Daredevil and the wit of Spiderman and Deadpool. Avengers and x-men i find too busy to do any characters really well.

Maxwell Stangewell is probably my favorite comic of all time. Ninja Cowboy Viking is also really funny if you can decipher who is talking. Also, there are some volumes titled "Insufferable" that are a very different take on traditional heroes.

anybody else love the new Netflix Daredevil show?


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