Hello, gentlemen.

I'm finishing my adaptation training at the gym, and I'd like to structure my training in two separate phases from now  on:

1) Get bigger


2) Get ripped

So in the moment I'm looking for a training to build muscle and for a diet to give me calories for that. I found the StrongLifts 5×5 training very attractive (https://stronglifts.com/5x5/). So I'm asking: do you know this training? Have you ever done it or do you know somebody who have done it?

Also I'd like to get some diet for building muscle tips. Do you know any good one?

Thanks, pals!

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I'd like any other tips for building muscle too!

I'm no expert at weight lifting but am doing the 5x5 at the moment. I don't think it will make you big but will make you strong. I guess depends if you want form or function.
Well, at least you found the proper order.

StrongLifts isn't going to get you big. It's designed to take you from untrained to novice level. If you run it straight for three months you'll be squatting two plates, and that's about the point novice level lifting takes over. Like Sheiko or something. Anyway, I'd suggest running out SL until your lifts are failing everywhere and then jumping on Juggernaught. Then after that's run it's course cut down.
Thanks, Shane! I guess I'm starting SL next week and seeing where it goes! Is it Juggernaut training designed to build muscle? And if it is, do you know some training designed to get "ripped"? Actually I'm not sure if I've ever seen such a training.
Juggernaught is definitely a hyper trophy program. But, you need to burn out your "noob gains" first. If you're looking for off-the-shelf products then Leangains is good for "getting ripped".


Stronglifts is good, but I actually prefer Mark Ripptoe's Starting Strength (which is similar, but 3x5). It's fewer reps, so allows for higher weight.

Personally, I found Stronglifts a bit exhausting. 25 reps is more than it sounds, and I was ending my workouts exhausted rather than invigorated. Starting Strength also allowed me to add a couple other lifts I wanted to incorporate -- shrugs, bicep curls and wrist curls. Wasn't as able to do that with Stronglifts.

"Put two plates on the bar and hold it at the hang position. Now do a power clean. Did you do it? No? Congratulations you just performed a shrug."
Starting strength and 5x5 are great programs, but have a ton of volume in them. Be found I would often feel drained and tired after those workouts.
I personally found Jim Wendlers 5/3/1 better for me. It includes auxiliary lifts and suggestions for conditioning and you get very strong. The formula for the lift can be a little confusing but there allot of free Excel spreadsheets online that make it WAY easier.
If you are feeling drained increase your food intake and make sure to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night.
Nutrition and sleep are huge.
Hope that helps

Started with this program. It will get you known, as what happened to me, as the guy always at the squat rack. Good starter for all the basics.

After that I played with Starting Strength,but then I switched to the 5 3 1, which is my personal favorite as it is very adaptable. I know the site owner's trainer disses it because he thinks it does not give fast enough progress, but you didn't mention you were entering any powerlifting competitions in the near future.

It has a great powerlifting core set of movements, and you can tailor the assistance work to go for either size or more strength. And it's the assistance work that keeps it from becoming boring, because in a year all that squatting will get a bit boring.

Good luck.

These suggestions for effective workouts are really good and helpful. Along with proper workouts it is also necessary to have right apparels so one can do his workouts easily. I do Yoga and always wear my comfortable pattern leggings or Yoga pants along with tank tops.


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