Well I got the email that I hadn't been selected for the Beta test.  No big deal, there's a lot of people wanting in.  I am worried about the pricing though.

When I first read about SL and the manifesto pdf I was pumped but was wondering about the cost.  I was thinking how much I would be willing to pay and how much I could actually afford.  I've never been a part of a paid monthly online membership before.  Anyway, I determined I'd pay $9.99 and could maybe stretch it up to $15 if I needed to.  Come to find out that the special beta test rate is $14.99 and the regular monthly rate will be $30.  Can't do it.

I've got three kids and am on a debt consolidation plan to avoid declaring bankruptcy.  An extra $15 a month (to go from 15 to 30) might not seem like a lot, but it is to me.  I was hoping to be part of the beta test group and lock in that discounted rate.  Since that's not happening, I wonder if there is some kind of special hardship for joining SL at a discounted rate.  I don't even really know what SL is going to do, so it's all just conjecture at this point.  But it wouldn't matter at $30 for me. 

Anyone else have problems with this?  What are your thoughts?  I want to be a part of a community of men who are all striving towards the qualities listed in the manifesto, but if this is the only option, I might have to sit it out.

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Hey, there is already a nick h here. :)

Agree. Ludicrous seems to be the going rate these days. Nerd Fitness also launched a monthly subscriber group that is in the same price range ($40/pm). I live in Australia, and the $30 US converts to $40 Australian. $40 USD is $53 AUD! Too high.

I was floored when Nerd Fitness announced their pricing, but 1,500 people signed up in the first week (aka $720,000 income a year for the site) so they're never going to be worried about my budget. Brett will have a similar take up, if not higher, I'm sure.

Still, nevermind, I've been on a journey to improve myself for the last four years (and AoM has been an essential resource that I am grateful for) - every time I injure myself, or have a potential option closed, I have trained myself to just move on. Achilles heel smashed while jogging? Physio and do weights. Can't afford Brett's Starting Strength online coaches ($179US a month!), just do with slow self teaching and keep reviewing form each few months. 

The Strenuous Life program too expensive? In no future do I say "If only Brett had decided on $15 my life would be so much better". It's a shame, but it won't be a regret. 

As for your sitting out - take solace in an AoM article published a few years ago scoffing at this idea of an online community and instead encouraged people to forge their own locally.


See key headings in the article:

- Networks Are Artificial, Top-Down; Communities Are Organic, Bottom-Up
- Networks Encourage Passivity and Consumption; Communities Require Action and Contribution
- Networks Can Be Location Independent; Communities Are Attached to a Place
- Beware of Networks Wearing Community’s Clothing

We should all be seeking out our own local community of men. It's our responsibility to do this, not Brett's.

Well said mate.

Thanks for the well thought out response. I have been on the same track as you, doing things my own way when I can. I wish I could seek out a local community of men. Sadly, at this point in my life, I can't. If we had 26 hour days and 8 days a week, that'd be great. As it is, every day of my life is filled up with stuff to do. I don't get to do anything for myself until the family has all gone to bed, so ditching them at 9 pm isn't really an option, especially not with a 2 month old in the house. That's why I was looking forward to an online community. One I could meet with during the few pockets of minutes I have in the day.

I guess I'll have to wait and see what happens in a month.

I am also one of the many that didn't make the beta test cut.  Not very surprised, as he was flooded with applicants.  

I'm certain it will be a good program.  I'm certain the curriculum will be well done.  I'm not certain it will be worth $360 per year.  

As with everything, I will not condemn it before I have seen the actual program.  It may be a huge bargain at that price.  I'm also fairly certain that Brett reads these posts, so he knows what we are thinking.

I agree all the way. The price seems steep, but it could be an incredible deal. I hope Brett does read these forums. I'd love some additional information on the program.

Another "reject" here.  :)

The price seemed a bit high to me as well, but I'm comparing it with the costs of Scouting for my boys.  Membership for BSA is only $24.  But then you add merit badge books, uniforms, patches, etc, etc.  According to the info so far, the membership fee for SL will cover everything.  So depending on what is included in SL it may end up being closer.  And the size of the group changes the costs as well.

Whether $30/month is worth it or not will depend highly on what you get.  I'm disappointed in not making the cut but I'm looking forward to find out more.

I was accepted for the beta test. Not much risk. If it's not worth the money ... then I'll pay for the month or two it takes to figure that out, and move on with my life.

I can risk a few bucks on a roll of the dice. Anyway, I've gotten plenty out of Brett's site, without paying a nickel ... so I trust he'll make it worthwhile.


I agree - Brett is obviously aware of the potential drawbacks of what he is proposing, I'm very intrigued to see how he overcomes it. 

Will be interested to see your impressions. 

I enjoy the site but yeah, paid membership is too rich for my budget. 30 buck a month I'd join a real life club

If nothing else this has been one hell of a marketing test. All the applicants for the beta test all of us talking about it and yet we still don't know what this program really is.

$30 a month is not too outrageous for something with real benefit but I am having difficulty envisioning what an online program can offer. I truly hope this will be something more than the old Atlas weight training program from the back of the comic books. You know the one with the kid on the beach getting sand kicked in his face. That consisted of monthly installments of poorly published exercise routines that could have been found in any gym. 

AoM has been a great source of information and inspiration. It is only because of that inspiration that I would even give something like this a moments thought. Otherwise I would lump the idea of a paid online membership with all the other get rich quick, self help, multilevel marketing nonsense.

While I am still interested in seeing what this program consists of I hope the main site does not suffer from lack of attention.

Very well said.  From what I read in the Year End article, it seems like Brett intends to put more of a focus into Strenuous Life.  I can't imagine AoM wouldn't take a hit of some kind.  Like you, I scoff at nearly all paid membership websites, but again like you, this site is different.  The fact I'm actually considering it in the first place is evidence that I hold this site and Brett's work in a much higher regard than pretty much any other website out there.  I'm very much looking forward to the details and honest feedback/reviews from the 150 beta testers.  Hopefully Brett will encourage every beta tester to do a write up at the end of the trial period for all of us who didn't make it.  Brett can sing all day long about what is in the program, but I'm honestly more interested in those 150 opinions. 


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