I have been enjoying an ABC sitcom called Speechless, which is about a young guy with cerebral palsy and his family.  One of the reasons I enjoy it is because I have a young nephew who also has cerebral palsy (and the actor who plays this character really does have CP).

I saw an episode recently that aired on 4/26/2017 called "R-U-N--Runaway" which deals with this young man's frustration with his future.  His mother happens to encounter a (slightly older) young guy with CP who seems to have a good life: driving a (specially-outfitted) car with a date beside him, and the couple enjoying themselves at a club of some sort.

His mother works out a way for this other CP guy to have some private quality time with her son, and it makes a real difference in his life.

My problem?  My sister did not know about this program and they don't have enough money to have Internet or cable TV (using either of which would allow them to see this episode).

Does anyone know of a way where this episode would be available on DVD so I could send it to my sister?  She would like to see it, although she is not sure her son would watch it -- maybe he will, maybe he won't.

Thank you, guys.  We all appreciate your checking into this for us.


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Individual episodes are $1.99 on Amazon.  Whole season is $10.  Never used Amazon Video, but I assume it can be downloaded and transferred to a DVD.


Official DVD doesn't look like it has a release day yet.  Maybe 6-12 mos.


I think it's on Hulu as well, if you already have a subscription. But that certainly doesn't relieve the internet cost constraint. 

Good show. We've enjoyed the episodes we have watched.

Thank you, Jack.  I will keep checking to see when the official DVD is available.

As an aside:  I was very moved by the Chinese movie Shower.  It was the story of a somewhat estranged son come back to visit family for a while.  Except it turned out not to be:  it ended as the story of the stay at home mentally handicapped brother.  I liked it because despite his low functioning, wo stepping out of plausibility, he was the one that made the crucial decision on a problem such people, I judge, often have:  how to accept change when you're the sort that needs structure and consistency to function.


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