Hello, I've been having some trouble with my son recently. To put it simply, I've had to start initiating spankings. However, I noticed that:
A) He doesn't seem to bothered.
B) He hasn't changed
I don't want to get in any arguments over thus, it's my personal belief that spanking works, I was spanked when I was younger, and found it quite effective. I'm curious as to why it doesn't seem to be much of an impact. In planning on giving a spanking to him tonight,. Currently, I hand spank him with his boxers on. I'm considering spanking him bare, and perhaps with a belt. Does this hurt more? Also, I am considering getting a paddle for him, are there any places I can get them aside from online? Lastly, to those who spank their own sons, I've been having a slight problem. When our spankings are over, aside from the fact that he wasn't too moved, he has an erection. Is he enjoying it? Is he gay?

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Each kid is different. For some, spanking does work. For others, it may not. Try something else that seems to matter to him. (Removing privileges?).

I personally believe that once you've added a tool (belt, paddle, etc) into the mix, it's not spanking anymore. I won't do that. 

Friction is friction, erections happen unbidden, uncontrolled, and often for no reason - especially when young. I do not think this is an indication that your son is gay. If anything it would be an indication that he enjoyed some level of S&M, but I doubt that as well. 

There are some really weird questions in there.  Weird enough that I'm not sure if you're legit.


How old is this kid?  Are we talking 3?  8?  14?


I'm not against spanking.  It has its moments.  But, not everything works on every kid.  Kids respond differently to different punishments -- based on age, personality, and temprament.  To affect behavior, find the kid's sensitive pressure point ... and squeeze.


Some kids have a higher pain threshhold than others.  If he's one of those kids, I would advise against ramping-up the pain to to try to reach his threshhold.  You're punishing a kid, not interrogating a terrorist.  What if his pain threshhold is so high that you have to leave marks, or draw blood, or break bones?


Just find a different pressure point.


Don't use weapons.  He ain't responding to spanking.  Try something else.  Take things away.  Confine to quarters.  Time out.  Hard labor.  Revoke privileges.  Everybody cares about something.



This is coming from the kid who claims he is 15 and his dad or step dad forces him to wear tucked in polos all the time.

His question is just as real as this kids out of town girlfriend.

Paul, you mean this question comes from the kid?

He means the 15-y-o OP has a history here.

Heh.  Noted.  Guess his history wasn't all that memorable.



Thanks. Before, I've tried taking away privelages such as computer games, seeing friends, television, but he still seems to misbehave. Also this masochism thing, should I be concerned? Should I stop spanking him? Also, please let me know if he has been causing any trouble on this sight. 
Thanks. Before, I've tried taking away privelages such as computer games, seeing friends, television, but he still seems to misbehave. Also this masochism thing, should I be concerned? Should I stop spanking him? Also, please let me know if he has been causing any trouble on this siite. Thanks!


but its a valid topic, troll or no. I know my mother in law is having major issues with the youngest, punishing him accomplishes nothing.

Thank God I'll never be in a situation like that.

My dad always told me I was the second....

(I'm the oldest)

You know l thought thats what you were getting at , but l thought fishing not to trawl .

You can get your kid taken away if you leave marks or bruises, so be careful. That's abuse, so yeah your going to hear it from me. It's you belief that it works, but you have evidence with your son does not react. How old is he that he's getting a hard on? IT probably makes him feel like a man that he can take it without flinching. Removing privileges would be my route.



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