We've all been there. Sometimes its from something as simple as forgetting to take out the trash, to things as serious as forgotten anniversaries and birthdays. Whatever got you there in the first place, what are some of your prefered methods of returning from Fido's side to the Lil' Missus.

While really basic, I'm a big fan of flowers. No, not the crappy arrangements you find at most grocery stores. I go one better, and actually go out and pick her a bouquet of flowers from the local hills and what not. She loves this.

Another thing I do, whilst sleeping in the cold lonely, is write her love letters. I'm not very good at it, but she appreciates the effort I put into them, not to mention they're getting better as time goes on.

In my eight short years of marriage, I've come to finally understand the statement "it's the thought that counts". If she knows you stopped, in the middle of whatever you may or may not have been doing, and just think about her, it is sometimes enough to spring you from the hoosgow. How often do you think of her?

No, don't think about my wife...

Think about yours.

Ok, all joking aside, on to the question:

So, my fellow gentlemen, what are some things you do to get out of the dog house faster? What are some of the things she swoons over, no matter how small or large? Do tell, as there are fleas in here, and I'm getting a crick in my neck...

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I'm not sure that question is the right one to ask? It sounds like you are asking how we can hide our faults faster than last time to get out of trouble without ramifications. Perhaps the best question to ask is this: How can we learn from our mistakes and avoid the doghouse altogether?
"...avoid the doghouse altogether..."

Dave, you crack me up. :)

Seriously, though, there are gonna be times that we're "in the doghouse" through no fault of our own. Women are strange, confusing creatures to be be treated with the utmost caution and respect. Regardless of how hard we try, however, we will end up ticking them off and needing to get back in their good graces.

There's nothing wrong with perfecting the art of identifying what we did to hurt our women and communicating that we feel remorse for having hurt them (intentionally or not). That's what I see as the purpose of this thread.

Then we need to work on learning from our mistakes and not repeating them.
"If she knows you stopped, in the middle of whatever you may or may not have been doing, and just think about her, it is sometimes enough to spring you from the hoosgow."

That's a great rule to live by even when you're not in the "hoosegow." Unfortunately, we men often don't see the need to maintain our relationships until they're broken and in need of repair.

At any rate, I agree with your premise. Often, when my wife is steamed at me for one thing or another, it helps just for her to know that I was thinking about her when she wasn't around. I think that's the appeal of flowers, candy, etc; she doesn't care what you get her so much as the fact that you thought to get it for her.

It also helps for my wife to understand how much I appreciate her. It's easy to just get used to everything she does and accept it as the norm; I may be grateful that she's doing it, but I don't think to tell her so. Every once in awhile, I have to remind myself to sit her down and tell her how grateful I am for her, how amazed I am that God would bless me with a woman who is not only beautiful, but also an awesome mother and caring wife. I think these things all the time, but I rarely think to reinforce them in her mind.
True contrition has been the best out for me. Never cave when you haven't done anything wrong. Never.


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