Hi all,

For the longest time i have been suffering from, er.... , well, let's say that i haven't been able to perform in bed as much or long as i would like to. and it is becoming a real concern.

Anyone has any advice? i have come across some products. was wondering if you knew about any that could help?


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What's the quality of the relationship, how old are you, etc. etc.?  There's bound to be no one answer for all who report such an issue.

How old are you?  I seem to be giving this advice a lot lately ... but get your testosterone levels checked.  Read Brett's Testosterone series ...


That's a link to the "how to increase testosterone naturally" article, but the whole series is linked at the bottom of that one.  It's worth a read.


Sir and JB have covered a lot of potentialities.

Age, combined with a sedentary lifestyle can alter a lot of one's performance for the worse.  Both horizontally and vertically.

Have you been checked for any prostate problems?

And are you overweight?

Do you smoke?

Are you merely physically unfit?

And a little outside the mainstream, there's a theory that some people may have a "sub-clinical" sensitivity to certain foods, such as gluten, peanuts, or lactose.  Sub clinical means it's no bad enough to cause medically observable problems, but just enough slow you down a touch.

If you watch porn, stop. It could be causing Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction. Exercise, eat well, sleep plenty. And of course, consult your physician.

There are several issues going on in your question....1st. Are you shooting your sperm too soon and you wish you could go longer? If you are lasting at least 3-5 minutes before you spew your seed you are doing pretty good. 2nd. Are you getting a good hard-on? 3rd. Even after you thrust for a good long while, are you still not shooting any sperm?

Some of these physical issues you need to talk over with your regular Doctor (hopefully one you can be open and honest with) and you may need to see a Urologist.

Don't use 'products' until you've done the medical route first! Good luck...successful thrusting followed by a terrific shoot of sperm is one of the greatest perks of being a guy!

Thanks a lot for your comments gentlemen. Well, i am about to turn 40, enjoy the occasional drinks and good dinner. Exercise has become difficult to include in the schedule because of work. 

Will take your recommendations and see how all works out.



Hello Lionel. 

I am brand new here on the forum, and i just saw your post. and it did ring a bell. I have had the same problem, for the longest years. However, during one of my trips in Asia, I had the opportunity to try one the products over there. It is hard to explain, because it is not really a numbing agent, or anything like that. It just makes you last longer. And from what i understand from your post, you are facing this problem. I am not sure I am allowed to post a link to a commercial website here, but all you have to do is google ditio power.(try this link www.ditiopower.com) I am still using their services and i got nothing to complain about. 

I hope it helps. And if you have any questions, please contact me. I will be happy to share my experience.

All the best


Hey Graham,

Thanks a lot for that. I just had a look at their website and it seems right. 

I will get in touch with them and see what i can do.



Are you cuming too quick or are you losing your erection?

Hey guys, 

Me again. I just wanted to share something. After my first post about my problem, you guys were kind enough to share your advice and all. I have to say though that I succumbed and followed Graham's word and went to check out this ditio power thing. And i ordered it. and i received it yesterday, and used it. My wife has no idea what i have done, but i can tell you, she noticed a tremendous change! I still need to see if it works on the long term, or if it was a placebo / psychological effect. But gosh it felt good to able to perform better. I know it is not a race or anything like that. But trust me, it was interesting to experience something like that. 

My advice now? If you suffer from the same problem, or just want to last longer, just check it out. and don't hesitate. it works. at least, for me. 


What is this

Man 1:
step right up, step right up. Come buy Pahlineg and Sons revitalizing tonic. You sir (points to Lionel), you look like a regular sort of member here, not like some sort of fake account that would only appear today and never comment on any other thread.

Man 2:
Who me? Why I'm just a poor guy wishing there was some sort of way for me to enjoy sex with my wife again?

Man 1:
You should try this tonic Ditiopower. I just happened to hear about it. It's not like I'm the sort of guy who would try and peddle my snake oil on some other guy's forum without his permission. Why that would be only something a real creep would even try.

(Time passes)
Man 2:
Wow, Mr., your tonic did the trick. No offence to you other guys suggesting real solutions to my pretend problem. I really did appreciate your contribution and in no way simply asked for your advice to draw a crowd to sell my crap on this forum.


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