I like to think of myself as Captain Safety because growing up if I was told a safer way to do something I did it the safer way.  So what are your thoughts on sleeping with the door open or shut.  When I was little I was told not to sleep with the door shut because if there was a fire the wood and metal could expand and you might not be able to open the door. So I would sleep with the door either open or just cracked.  I think it still makes since for me to sleep with it open and then shut it if there were a fire. 



Can hear other things in the house better, kids, intruders, fire.

Will smell smoke sooner.

Don’t have to worry about door being blocked shut.



Fire won’t spread as fast


Seems like if I wake up and realize there is a fire I could shut the door and will be in the same situation as if I had slept with the door shut only I will have all the benefits of sleeping with the door open.


What are your thoughts?

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We sleep with our bedroom door open so we can hear the rest of the house. Like our 5yr old in the next room. Or, the dogs out in the garage/ back yard. Im fairly paranoid about intruders and NEED to be aware of whats going on in the rest of the house.

Closed.  An open door would interfere with my social agenda ... nothing for the kids to knock on.



Mine's shut, too. Same reasons. ;)

Same here.

I am not concerned with fire safety. Our windows are huge and we are in a one level house.

I think from a fire safety stanpoint the closed door is recommended.  It would act as a barrier for smoke and heat for a while (depending on the door).  If you have smoke alarms, that will alert you and wake you.  there are published reports about this on the internet.  Some of the replies here talk about kids.  I imagine the the response is the same- closed, and in the event of an emergency, you feel the door...........to know what your getting in to..........otherwise open doors may allow smoke to take you out of action in your sleep. 


(ps- kudos to keeping dogs in the garage.  I dont understand dogs in bed.)

Depends on the time of day, and how much Scotch I've had.
Open, if only to hear the front door bell. I'd rather a weekend lie-in be spoiled than miss the postie and have to make time to go to the post office to pick a parcel up.
But what if the bogeyman comes into your room? You won't hear him if the door is open.
If the door is open, the bogeyman can seem I'm there and will think better of coming to try and start something ;)
You might have to worry about reindeer, though

Not to mention that up there the air is fresh and sweet... and at night the stars, they put on a show for free.


Or so I've heard.

"...then you don't have to worry about the door or monsters under your bed."

...or a quarrelsome wife.

(Gotta love that Bible!)


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