I know and understand this post will have nothing to do with manliness or manly things. But I believe this issue should be brought up because it affects everyone. Recently I read an article or two about the sexualization of young kids, mostly young girls. And how the media affects a young girl self-esteem and gives misleading prespectives of how a girl should repsent themselves to men. Think miley cyrus, britteny spears, Lady gaga, and toddlers and tiaras. I clearly understad here at art of manliness we should honor respect women and shouldnt be the "work in the kitchen" wife. But this problem affects our wives, sisters, girlfriends, mothers, and other signifcant women in our lives.
So what do you think should be done to help the women in our lives?


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I can't say that I have any idea towards a solution but I can say I've seen the effects and understand the overly sexualized but. Hell I'm a 20 year old guy with the lebido from hell and I agree there's too much sex in whatever the collective image of what a woman should be is. I have a friend here at college who has struggled with trying to hit that image and it's made her cripplingly insecure and a bad history with bulimia :/ she's been chasing that image since she can first remember. In my opinion it feels like this big emphasis has been put on really fleeting qualities that are too vague to really define much less achieve. Just my 2 Cents.

I wish I had a solution other than getting really mad at the mysterious people facilitating all of this.

I believe it is noteworthy that combining the endless chase of the unfair and unachievable standards set by God-knows-who with "hook 'em when they're young" is an excellent way to ensure present and future profits. Utterly contemptible, morally bankrupt, and perverted, but certainly effective.

Your desert links never work for me.

Are your examples "the media" or examples of "the media's" effects? If the former, do you think "the media" has an obligation to purposefully put forth positive perspectives, or can it just be realistic and/or representational?

Why the scare quotes? I never know what "the media" refers to. Deseret News is a media outlet.

I don’t know what’s to be done about it. But just an observation. I was with my buddy (more like my brother) at his kids recital. There was like 100 kids at this dance thing. His kid is like six. They had some of these young girls dancing and lip synching to a 1950s song about a woman waiting for her boyfriend. The lyrics went something like “I’m waiting for a strong man, a real man. Who appreciates a pretty lady and very pretty lady.” On top of that the eight year olds were dancing to a lady gaga song where they said B**ch like five times. I just took me back a little. In the same light I saw a boys football game going on in the park when I passed by and heard a coach yell at some nine year olds, “make e’m cry” as a motivational speech.

I share this to say as a society we teach girls to want the attention of men and we teach boys to be overly violent. (Believe me I have done some violent things in my life to other equals so I have no 100% aversion to violence its needed sometimes) Teaching kids that this way is the right way will have ill effects on society. Kids should be allowed to be kids. They should be allowed to cry, laugh, explore, be happy and enjoy all the experiences the world has to offer. Both boys and girls. I currently have a son. I don’t need him to be violent and never cry. I need ME to teach him he can overcome his obstacles. I need ME to show him how to survive in the modern world, handle himself when he feels threatened and how to cut through the bulls**t that world tries to put on his shoulders. I guess the father and mother of daughters are responsible for teaching their daughters the same and that their value isn’t based on their sexuality.


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