I heard a short piece on radio today, and while I certainly will misquote it and the speakers bias is not important - here is the gist.

A boy of 4 years old was doing things that were considered very girly. His parents assumed that his sexual development and orientation were not in congruence and are raising him as a her.

There are a number of discussions on AOM about what is manly and what is not. I also just read these articles about men who are problems to themselves and others because they are overly stuck in "manly" orientation.


It got me wondering if instead of changing gender, effeminate men need to stay in the circle of men and balance out the high level of testosterone that leads to so much violence in our world. 

funny how some voices out there defend transgender changes and at the same time criticize the violent things men do. Men who are born men are men, no matter how they act, say I.

these are just developing thoughts from a heterosexual married guy - so I thought I'd toss it out there.

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I have a buddy with a transgender adult child and based on my understanding, you are being a wonderful and supportive friend!  Despite whatever outfit/tattoo/signaled or anatomical gender a friend has, a friend remains our friend for who they are. 

Thank you.  I think we need to remember how amazing people are.  Not stereotypes of human groups, people.  We all have an oddness and a boldness that should be appreciated.  Life's hard, it is not my place to make it harder.  

This makes a great quote to celebrate diversity:

We all have an oddness and a boldness that should be appreciated.  Life's hard, it is not my place to make it harder.  

"Perhaps we need a stereotype of a flaming - straight male?  But I'm really not sure.  I tend to think of those as "Dapper Gentlemen".  The well appointed male that is over the top in focus on fashion and style."

Metrosexuals? Dandies? Fashion victims? Sapeurs?

Child: *eats carrot*
Parents: We have decided to raise our child as a vegan.

Kid eats nothing but fruits and vegetables.  Kid will not touch leather.

Parents seek to assure the kid has a proper diet and is properly clothed.  All to help the kid grow up well, in the hope the kid does not commit suicide because the are vegan.  

Hormones may dictate how you feel but your brain is what dictates what you do with those feelings.  Having more or less levels of a hormone in your system may make you feel more or less passionate about whatever it is you are experiencing.  At the end of the day your life experiences and your upbringing will determine what you do. 

In addition I think its probably inaccurate to assume that an "effeminate" man is either A.  lacking in testosterone, or B.  incapable or less capable of violence simply because of the former assumption.   

Why in the first place would boys doing "girly" be something to be considered as an issue? While girls being "boyish" doesn't really raise a problem? 

All to sexist, I think.

Agreed.  I think it is a combination of the need to classify and the worry if our children fit some classification.  

And that's more reason why we should not fit or even squeeze them to some mold created by people. That would only limit their growth.

Who would benefit from living to society's expectation? We all should live according to ourselves. It would make our life less duller and more unique.

Affirming your wisdom here

I think there is much to learn from others.  Especially when you're four.


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