Good Morning Lads,

I won't go into a ton of details here, because I find typing annoying but in short:

I have been hired as a delivery skipper for a 31' sailing yacht in Agadir Morocco. She needs to get to Bergen Norway. Flights for crew are paid, provisions are paid, and there is a chance for a bonus upon safe arrival. The boat is in good condition and seaworthy from what I am told.

You would need to be in Agadir by July 8th or so.

Ports of call would be (in order)
Lisbon, Portugal
A Coruña, Spain
Brest, France
Dublin, Ireland
Caledonian Canal, Scotland
and finally Bergen Norway.

The trip will cover about 2,700 statute miles and take a little over a month.

This will be my first long haul off shore passage, but I've got no doubt we can make it safely. I'm looking for someone with a cool head, lots of guts, and just a wee bit of experience.

If you're looking to get some new stamps in your passport and get a good sea-story to tell at the pub, this is your chance.

Anyone interested can shoot me an email at

Far left liberals, people with blue hair, drunkards, and bad harmonica players not accepted.

Fair winds and following seas boys...


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This doesn't seem odd or suspicious.

I wouldn't be caught dead in Agadir in July; something's fishy here.

Also, just had my hair done in blue highlights, so I guess I'm out.

I don't know if its odd or suspicious...........but I belong to other groups/websites that cater to this kind of thing.

OP, if you have no luck here, check Explorers Connect. A great site that specializes in manning adventures and expeditions.
No, this is pretty typical guys. Boats around the world are crewed this way. Check out Crew Seekers, etc.

Sean, thanks for the suggestion. I'll definitely look them up.

If I were naive and carefree I'd pack my bag right now. Sounds like a blast. Godspeed.

As a graduate of a maritime academy, I want to hop on a plane right now.

But as a husband and provider, I will have to keep this a fantasy.

Hopefully you find some good hands. 

Do you know my buddy the Nigerian Prince? 


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