Like the idea of MMA but don't like all that rolling on the ground and grappling? Want to see the best standup fighters in the world duke it out but don't want to dish out for a pay-per-view event? Someone was kind enough to upload the entire Glory World Series 2016 on Youtube for free!

It's in French but who cares? You just want to watch elite fighters duke it out anyway! So just mute the sound, put on your favourite tunes, skip through the chatter and get to the fights!

No time to watch a full event? GLORY's official Youtube account posts up a ton of individual fights as well as highlight reels! Check it out:

The nerdy stuff: GLORY was created after the demise of K-1and poached a lot of the latter's top talent. It's currently the top level promotion of standup (kickboxing, muay thai, etc.) fighting in the world.

More info:

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I always carry a gun, except in the office.  Lots of people do here in Utah.

That said, I wish MMA had been around when I was younger.  I wrestled and got a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, but MMA is way cooler.


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