Like the idea of MMA but don't like all that rolling on the ground and grappling? Want to see the best standup fighters in the world duke it out but don't want to dish out for a pay-per-view event? Someone was kind enough to upload the entire Glory World Series 2016 on Youtube for free!

It's in French but who cares? You just want to watch elite fighters duke it out anyway! So just mute the sound, put on your favourite tunes, skip through the chatter and get to the fights!

No time to watch a full event? GLORY's official Youtube account posts up a ton of individual fights as well as highlight reels! Check it out:

The nerdy stuff: GLORY was created after the demise of K-1and poached a lot of the latter's top talent. It's currently the top level promotion of standup (kickboxing, muay thai, etc.) fighting in the world.

More info:

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This is basicly "rebranded kickboxing". I prefer MMA with rolling on the ground and grappling.

Anyone who did MMA knows how hard and demending grappling is. Also I find it intresting how fighters get in and out of joint-locks.

And how can you NOT like flying armbar? :)

It's not rebranded kickboxing; it's kickboxing. It says so in its name. ;)

(But, if you want to get specific, it's international kickboxing which is different than North American kickboxing. The former is essentially Muay Thai without knees. The latter is full contact sport karate without gis and belts.)

And defending grappling isn't that hard if you're trained in grappling too. ;)

I do love flying armbars! But the amount of flying armbars you see in pro MMA is pretty low. Hell, the amount of flying armbars you see in pro BJJ is pretty low! If you like flying armbars, you should look for clips of BJJ and Judo black belt Saulo Ribeiro competing in Judo; whenever he gets stiffed-armed by his opponent, flying armbar! It's so uncommon in Judo that he can hit it over and over and over again!

i agree with king of the dudes. it take a lot of strength and stamina to keep going for the amount of time there. that is how some guy get there ass kick they do not know how to get out of joint-lock

BTW, if you like flying grappling moves, you should look for Chinese Sanda / Sanshou videos on Youtube. That's the best of both worlds IMO. No groundfighting or subs but awesome striking and takedowns!

Haha fail on my side! Maybe I used wrong words. By rebranded kick boxing I meant, It's a just a another kick boxing series that brings nothing new (I haven't looked into it much, so I may be wrong, if it does I take back what I wrote).

From personal experience, I find BJJ really physically demanding, it's killer workout wile trying to think straight. Than add muay thai/kick boxing to equation. It seem to me that a lot of great fighter are good in grappling - Fedor Emilianenko as extreme example. 

I agree, crazy moves like flying armbars are too rare. Thanks for ideas I'll check them out! :D

Do you practice martial art?

"Haha fail on my side! Maybe I used wrong words. By rebranded kick boxing I meant, It's a just a another kick boxing series that brings nothing new (I haven't looked into it much, so I may be wrong, if it does I take back what I wrote)."

It doesn't bring anything new just like various MMA organizations aren't bringing anything other than more MMA. But it's an option for fans of combat sports nonetheless; an option that most fans in North America aren't aware of. And it's one worth knowing since so many MMA fighters that North Americans would recognized also used to (or currently do) fight in other pro combat sports like pro kickboxing, pro grappling, pro BJJ, etc. Guys like Overeem, Crop Cop, Mike Hunt, Josh Barnett, etc.

You're right that a lot of good fighters are good at grappling but it's a must in MMA rules. Fedor would probably get owned in K-1 or Glory. Just like the greatest Muay Thai fighter you can think of would get owned in MMA.

I've practiced a handful of martial arts. I did several years of Muay Thai and other related striking styles along with some MMA on the side. I dabbled in BJJ off and on and I did judo for a while and even competed. I did a handful of other things too but mostly dabbling. I'd say my base is definitely Muay Thai with some judo and bjj fundamentals for takedowns and grappling.   

I see where your coming from. But to me it feels like android, too fragmented. Every organization (even under same umbrella) says it's 'the boss', or that it has THE world championship. Just look how many MMA organizations are there, with nearly same rules.

What I would like is local championships where top fighters go to national championship, where top fighter go to [insert your continent]  championship, where top fighter have privilege to fight for best in the world. Now it's like one championship for every good fighter.

That's great combination! You know how to fight standing and if you find yourself on the ground defend/fight back.

Glory is excellent. Never miss a show. Hoping to go to an event this year. They hold a lot in Amsterdam which is only an hour or twos flight from Ireland. I wanna get into watching Lionfight too.

I know the name but I haven't seen any Lionfight fights. Who are their big names?

Not a notion. Just have a few friends from the States who love Muay Thai recommend it to me!

That's cool man. Kickboxing is great, but in my opinion real hand-to-hand fighting, the complete, full use of one's body as a weapon is more intriguing to me, which is the MMA. This is what you can expect to run into if you get into a street fight, in the initial violent encounter (assuming no guns, which is usually the case as most guys do not carry around guns on them all day, in California anyway). Later on they may come back at you with a gun, but first if you have an angry altercation with someone they will more often than not NOT have a gun on them (but they could so be aware of that).   


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