New here, joined to let off some frustration and see if anyone else has had a similar experience.

A week ago, I tore my abdominal wall working on my home. Doctor says it's a bilateral inguinl hernia, and a somewhat bad one. I'm scheduled for surgery within the month.

My problem is, I'm a stubborn cuss, and a fair chunk of my professional and personal life involves physical activity. Some months ago I decided to avoid the middle aged man putting to pasture, increased my activity and exercise. I exceeded my goals and found some great new hobbies. My job also involves skilled physical labor, and I keep my home maintained and clean mostly on my own.

All these things are forbidden by doc, he wants me to be almost a total couch potato, no more than 10lbs lifting, minimal unnecessary activity. Work has found light duty for me, and I'm fine financially.

I've been informed the total recovery will take two to three months. After a week I'm already getting cabin fever, frustration and irritation at my condition. I hate being laid up with a passion.

Anyone have ideas to keep my mind off this, or positive things to try to keep myself busy?

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Do what the doc says.  If you push it, recovery will just take longer.

And, while keeping in shape is great, keep in mind that no amount of exercise is going to make your body like it was when you were 25, especially in terms of resilience.  So, don't overdo it.  (I am guilty of overdoing it myself, so this is a do as I say, not do as I do post.)


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