Hello men,

I'm not new to Art of Manliness, but I am new to the community. I thought I'd take the time to introduce myself. I'm almost 30, married for just over a year, and we have our first child on the way. I'm Mormon. I worked for five years sewing men's clothing, which is perfectly fine as a manly career in my opinion, but it was a dead-end job ultimately, so I quit and became an electrician. I'm still in my first year as an apprentice, but I'm very happy doing it. Before that, I was studying as a history major in college. I still love history, but college is not necessary for my new career. I'm an Eagle Scout, and I currently volunteer with the local scout troop in Salt Lake City, Utah as the Troop Committee Chairman. I love making things, camping, messing around with tools and in general trying to perfect myself a little bit at a time. I'm glad to be here and I look forward to sharing manly tips and tricks with you guys. Stay Manly!

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Welcome, Stewart!

Hi Stewart,

Welcome! I'm also an Eagle Scout, involved with my son's troop and a history major from when I was in college.  Being an electrician is definitely a stronger career path.  Congrats on your marraige and pending fatherhood!  It will elevate you in becoming the father your child/ren deserve.  Good luck!


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