I hate the fact that its affecting me as much as it is. Those who followed my last post my girlfriend has ended our relationship and I'm suffering badly.  I'm trying to focus on my life, I'm trying to keep my mind off it but it isn't going well.  

I frigging hate how needy and whiney this is making me.  I feel like a little kid who can't get a grip on my emotions.  I've been doing the exercise, I've been focusing on old projects that I've had on the go.  Anything to stop me from trying to call or text her. I practically invented the no contact rule and here I am fighting the urge to contact her. 

Any advice as to what helped others get themselves together after a breakup would be appreciated.  When I'm focused on something I'm OK but as soon as the task is done I'm right back where I started.

My friend base is right in that age group where everyone is married or engaged and their wives/girlfriends don't want them to come out for a good old fashioned pub blowout with me.  Drinking along at the bar sure isn't my idea of a recovery.

Dammit this sucks.

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He not only stopped attending, but stopped doing the landscaping,a duty he said he would fulfill, without notice.

And what does that have to do with him getting over his wife and moving on?

He started dating while he was still grieving, confusing a shoulder to cry on with a lover, in my opinion. Now she consumes a lot of his time, which he already said he would devote elsewhere. He has welched on other things, too, but I won't get into detail.

I think Jesus will be fine with someone else doing the lawn if the man has found love again.

The point is that he hardly even picks up his phone when you call him. It's kind of freaky.

Y'all are a reminder of what he lost.  He's trying to move on.  New wife.  New life.  Probably a new church.  Wish him well.


Don't judge the man for how he deals with a tragedy that you can't understand.  You're not experienced enough to give his life a once over.


A sensible conclusion from a sensible man.

If we aren't qualified to judge the man or inspect the insides of his head, well, Horse isn't the only one.  The rest of us aren't either.

Woah, wait a minute.  Oh, you said you need your head on straighter...  Thanks for that.  Rebound relationships aren't the best way to go.f

You need time to get over the last one, especially as it has affected you so negatively.  You need time to mourn the loss of the relationship.  But, while you're doing that don't forget to live (second time I've used that today).

By all means, sack up.  Pretend it doesn't bother you.  Keep it all in.

Or, you can be gentle with yourself.  It can hurt while you shame yourself for it, or it can hurt while you don't.  I know which one I'd pick.

I am here if you wish to talk it out.  I will say that your friends need to sack up if they are choosing o not be there for you because their girlfriend/wives won't "let" them hang out with you.  This idea that all our friends have to be the same age and in the same season of life with us is silly.  I think we have to come to understand that friendships are choices to engage and connect to each other regardless of our station in life. 

You recognize your need for connection to your same gender friends.  It is sad that your friends don't have the maturity or insight on relationships to step up for you.  Anyway, feel free to contact me if you want to talk.


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