Hello, gentlemen.

Me and my girlfriend broke up last Friday. It was a one-year-and-a-half relationship, and we used to think about marriage. She used to be a great friend of mine for four years before we start dating, and she currently works with me. We both are 21 years old.

I'm devastated and my heart is broken, but I'm standing on my own feet. I guess I could use some manly tips, advices or guidance from men who had lived that once in their lives.


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Wake up. Remember to breath. Get on with your day.

As a general rule it takes about a month per year of the relationship before you start feeling yourself again. So, if you're not feeling better by September, you might think about seeking out some help. Until then, carry on. Don't talk shit about her. Don't let any negativity get the better of you. Grow a beard of shame. Keep it clean. Go on.

Or maybe cocoon mode.

I'll offer my standard post-breakup advice, which I've given on here often.

Who knows what the future holds? Y'all might get back together in a few months and be engaged, or you might be way happier with someone else and thanking God the relationship ended.

The important thing - be it either result - is to get her out of your mind so you can both move on.

Working together complicates that a bit. SO, to that aim:

  • box up everything that reminds you of her: pictures, gifts, etc. and store them. One day no matter how things end up you will like the memories
  • Don't think about her when you jack off. No kidding. You don't want to associate endorphins releases with thinking of her
  • block her from all social media. You don't need the constant reminders
  • NEVER say an unkind word about her at work. Act like the relationship never happened. If anyone is gonna be a mudraker at work, let it be her

Good luck, dude

Give yourself time to recover.  It takes as long as it takes.  In the meantime, do some nice things for yourself.

Listen to the advice you get here is my advice. I went through a break up myself three months ago and I came here seeking advice but I was stupid and didn't really listen and I paid the price for it, I am still paying the price for it. I wish I listened and removed her and everything that reminds me of her from my life but I didn't. I tried contacting her, hoped that she would come back, I played every promise we made tog each other over and over in my head and I just couldn't understand how she could just leave me like I meant nothing. My relationship wasn't even good, she abused me a lot and I still had and still has a really hard time getting over her. But trust me, this too shall pass even if it doesn't feel like it. But yeah, I know it sucks for you right now and it's okay.

So what I'm trying to say is cut contact completely and remove her for your life even if it feels like it's impossible, just do it or have a friend do it. Don't get caught up in checking her social media and stuff like that because it's toxic.


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