This is what Real Men are about.  This is just my opinion, take it or leave it.

1. Have you're own place. Don't live with your parents.  Exceptions to this are you're 18 and younger, going through a divorce or bad break up, going to college and it saves you money, yourself or your parents are struggling or in bad health.

2. Have a car. Exceptions to this are you live in a big city where it's not feasible to own a car.

3. Have a normal (short) haircut.  Seriously no long hair... You're not a viking, Fabio, or a pro wrestler.  Real men go to barbershops not salons PERIOD. No dying you're hair, no highlights, and real men don't use a whole lot of products. Again a classic haircut is to be desired.  

4. Facial hair is acceptable, but if you're going to have facial hair it needs to be rugged, yet refined. There's a balance between rugged and homeless looking.  It's acceptable to have a full beard, but learn how to take care of it so you don't look like Charles Manson.  However, don't over groom and sculpt it because that looks super feminine and just not manly.

5. Clothing.  If you're a grown man than dress that way. No you don't need to wear a 3 piece suit everyday of your life, but at least own clothes that say Hey I'm an adult, and I look good but at the same time I'm not trying too hard.  Here's how you do it:

A. Wear darker jeans with no holes, no fading, etc.

B. None of your clothes should have huge logos, bedazzling, graphics, or stupid "funny" references.

C. Your clothes should fit you.  Not too baggy, not too slim.  No skinny BS PERIOD!

D. Get yourself some quality footwear. No guy in his 30's should be wearing Jordans. The only exception to this is you're Micheal Jordan.  Seriously get yourself a good pair of boots like red wing, wolverine, chippewa, thorogood, etc.  If you're going to wear sneakers it needs to be something old school and classic (plain) such as chuck taylors, jack purcell's, vans era, etc.

E. It's good to have at least one basic suit. Just incase. Also learn how to tie a tie.

6. Go easy on the cologne.

7. Violence isn't the answer, however real men know how to defend themselves and their family.

8. Do things outside.

9. Real men know how to cook their own meals, clean, pay bills, balance their finances, keep up with housework, and take care of their responsibilities. 

10. Real men can do basic maintenance on many things.  You're parents or God help you, your wives shouldn't be changing your tires, oil, lightbulbs, etc. 

11. Have some pride. Real men carry themselves professionally. It's not playtime anymore, it's time to grow up.

12. Be well read, and be educated.  No matter what anyone says, being up to date on current events and having knowledge is manly. Read books, go to school, learn a trade, have opinions on the world around you. Stand for something.  And at the same time be prepared to maturely voice your opinions and have logical discussions.  Again this should never lead to fighting if someone believes differently.  Just take it at face value and go on with your life.

These are just things that I can think of off the top of my head.  Did I miss anything?

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Points 1-5 and 11 are moderately subjective, although I generally get the point.
If I were to sum this up in my own words, or set some general "manly rules of living", they would go like this.

1. Take care of yourself both mentally and physically; attend to your responsibilities (financial, relational, ect.)
2. Always be learning
3. Find work and hobbies you love, and strive to become a master at both
4. Learn how to properly socialize- don't be a douche or a push-over

Be respectful to women and elders.  Any man that hits a woman is a bitch and should be treated like one.

Do you have to tip more at a barber shop vs. a salon?

Wow....I thought people/places like this didn't exist anymore.....Thumbs up!!

You've brought up a lot of good points about what is expected if a man wants to be taken seriously in the world. A man should be well groomed, educated, and a solid contributor to both his family and society. I try my best to live up to the expectation but I refuse to give up my jordans (at least on my personal time). What matters more than his appearance however, is the content of his character. There are plenty of men out there who look the part but still have a long way to go in terms of growth as a human being. I would sooner trust a man with integrity and logos on his shirt than a handsome, well dressed prick. Very well thought out post, if only more people took the time to ponder these things.

Yep, handsome, well dressed pricks are such a pain and so dangerous.

Generally speaking they're not lol. There's plenty of pricks out there in all sorts of demographics, wearing all sorts of clothes. My point is that just because someone looks good, doesn't mean that they are necessarily more manly than someone who doesn't dress the same way. In less formal situations, rapport can also be built on a man character, not just on what he's wearing. It would be an gross overgeneralization to assume that "every" well dress person is a prick just like it would be to assume the opposite. Context is everything my friend.

"Context is everything my friend."  I totally agree with you.

You've brought up some good points as well.  However, I believe that every man should own a suit.  Not owning a suit is believing that you will never attend a Christening, Dedication ceremony, wedding, funeral, ballet, symphony, opera,  Eagle Scout ceremony, a nice restaurant, a job interview - the list could go on.   Not wearing a suit to these events shows a social distain that the guests of honor to not deserve. 

I've heard some men say they are not going to buy a suit for just one event.  But it never is "just one event."  If one thinks they can't afford a suit, thrift stores sell nice suits.  I've volunteered in a few thrift stores over the years and many of them have well cared for classic suits.

Job interview is the only one of those things I'd really do willingly.

You wouldn't attend a ballet or symphony?

But you still need to do them and you will need a suit.


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