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I'll go first.

Why are nuclear cooling towers usually shaped like this: 

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You must be fun at parties

Never understood those of us malcontent on this island, especially the ones born during our 20+ years of economic prosperity.

If you've visited the old country, you'd see just how miserable life could  actually be..

See, if y'all had guns down under you could shoot it out. Then hopefully one/both would end up in the hospital/jail, sparing the rest of us from further posts.

If the idea is to root out witless and daft posts, judging by your presence still here I'd say that's a strategy failing utterly miserably..


The one piece of advice my grandmother gave me that I never could follow was "Never have a battle of wits with an unarmed person". Given that, I'll see your img and raise you one:

Why can't America ban it's guns?

In that context the correct usage is "its". Daddy didn't love you enough to send you to a private school with a decent English department?


When I need any advice on what or how to post from you I'll be sure to ask.

See above..

ad infinitum


Telling Pettimore to calm down is like telling lava to cool off.

I'm trying to find out what is so healthy about birthdays. The more of them you have, the longer you live! 



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"Most curse words are simply words that were used by the lower class and such deemed vulgar by the ruling classes. I have no problem with usage of those types of words. Now words that are deliberately degrading towards someone, I take a bit more care…"
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"I'm all for holding on to vehicles. My ford Escape is going on seven years now. "
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Liam Strain replied to David R.'s discussion Profanity and Vulgarity
" So why did you choose "oink" as your previous example? I think you're shifting your argument as it is increasingly shown to be flawed. Also I don't think women are repulsed by the word "moisture." "
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Liam Strain replied to David R.'s discussion Profanity and Vulgarity
"We've had this discussion. I am not suggesting empiricism is the only type of evidence. In this case, your theory is not logically testable either."
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Sam K replied to David R.'s discussion Profanity and Vulgarity
"Fair enough then Jack - fact is I don't do it intentionally, it requires background information to make sense. If someone disagrees point blank, then I feel the need to flesh it out by explaining it in more detail.But when it becomes this…"
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