Hello there chaps.

Just curious if anyone here has purchased a suit from them and if so, how was the quality and fit?


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hi Jonathon,
You need to be very careful with these guys.
Beware they have "NO REFUND" policy.
They promise high quality materials, hand tailored suit and guarantee of perfect fit.

In fact they will send you the cheapest possibly suit and if you not happy with the quality you will NEVER get your money back.

In my case I paid about 370USD for the suit. I received the cheap imitation which did not fit and was terribly executed. (Local cheapest suits, that cost around 100USD, are much better quality then the one I received).
I asked for my money back, but remember, they have NO REFUND policy.

Long story short, after almost 3 months since the purchase and lots of negotiations:
I spent around 420USD (they ask me to send the suit back to them);
I have no suit (they will not send me it back unless I pay extra 40 USD);

Does the suit that worth less than 100USD (and cost less than 20USD to produce) worth it?
Check out this website, it should give you full picture:


There are many so-called "custom made" garment shops on the internet.  Generally the actual manufacturing is done in China or Thailand, which is not, all by itself, a criticism.  Some produce better quality than others.  Really, do you really expect a "hand-made" custom garment at these prices?  Did you really expect that they would pay your shipping back and forth for returns?  Just the fact that there is a no refund policy (none of them offer refunds) tells you all you need to know.  But really, what would you expect any firm to do with a returned made-to-measure garment?  Beyond that the fit will always be affected by how well you measured yourself in ordering the garment.  Truthfully you cannot expect any suit (much less a "made-to-measure" garment (which is NOT the same as true "custom" tailoring)) to give you much quality when retail price for a decent suit in the US (frequently made in China) is well over $500 (and probably closer to $1000).  You can often find quality suits at discount prices if you shop around.  Basically I would say that you got exactly what you paid for (for a 3-pc suit with extra pants).


I am a regular costumer of Tailor4Less because they have been a reliable source of garments for me. I found that it is very difficult to find clothes for someone of my size but they have been offering me a wide variety of clothes that really fit

One recommendation would be to follow their instructions on how to get measured

I haven't heard anything about tailor4less, but of the two made-to-measure companies I've read up on (Indochino and Black Lapel), there are mixed reviews.  I would make sure to closely look at the company's return/remake policy.  I've heard that Indochino is pretty liberal the first time (i.e., they'll do a full re-make if necessary, you get a $70 credit to be used at a tailor of your choice to fix any problems, etc), but they're less generous after that (the idea being that, after they get your first suit just the way you like it, they have your "size profile" correct).

I've been seriously considering a MTM company for my next suit.  At my size (6'9"...I wear a 16 1/2" neck and 39" sleeve dress shirt), it's pretty hard to find nice clothes that fit well (or can be altered to a great fit).

Good luck, and make sure you do plenty of research!

I can see Indochio's view of getting your size profile correct.  It costs them a lot to remake/adjust things.  So they are investing in the idea you will buy a second and third suit from them in the future possibly at a loss the first time.  

My concern with these companies is getting it right at a distance.

Hello Jonathon, I've bought 1 suit and 2 shirts from them and I really think is a good option.
I've receive my suit with 1 extra inch, and the gave me a credit to visit a local Tailor and cut the pants. Then I've found that the problem was that didn't introduce the measurements the way it is. If you wish to touch the fabrics you can order some samples for free, so you can feel the quality of their products before buying.

I've ordered a vest and 2 shirts from T4L. The quality wasn't anything to dance about, low range fabrics and cheap buttons, but it was exactly what I expected for the price point.  Fit was decent (I find Indochino Garments fit better).

I suggest looking locally, I've found a few old fashioned tailors in my area that do Bespoke suits for reasonable prices.  It will cost more than T4L but you will get a much better product through multiple fittings/tweaks and you will be supporting a aging, extremely manly, industry that often struggles with the internet age.

This company is a total joke. Don't waste your money there! They botched 2 orders of mine and then refused to pay for the alterations. 

Hi Jonathan,

I was worried when trying to buy a suit from an online company. I looked them up on trustpilot and decided I would try them out. Needless to say, my experience with Tailor4Less has been positive thus far. You can ask to receive samples of the fabrics that you are interested in so you can make a decision. Perhaps the main problem with people and these made-to-measure companies is that the people themselves do not provide the most accurate measurements. I had someone measure me twice before I placed my order. I received my suit within their shipping time frame and I was happy with the overall outcome of the product. I will definitely use them again for future purchases. 


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