So, now that we are 17 years into the 21st century AD, would any of you guys like to indulge with me in trying to make some estimations for what upcoming years may hold, capped at the end of the century?
Here are some things I think are likely to happen in the coming decades:
1. It goes without saying that automation will be a big one, we're already seeing this a lot. I think we will have to adapt to some very new types of work. It will be a hard road.
2. I think we will reach an upper ceiling in how many transistors we can get onto a computer chip, resulting in a slowing of progress in the field of computer hardware. Perhaps part of this will be circumvented by an increase in the efficiency of varying types of software? I'm not a computer scientist.
3. I expect China vs. USA will be the USSR vs. USA of this century. I can't predict who will come out on top. On that note, I expect China to develop a sort of hegemony over much of Africa.
4. I think biotechnology will be huge. I expect that the suffering caused by a wide variety of illnesses and disorders will be curbed, and in many cases made things of the past by advancements in biology and medicene, especially genetics, and that many diseases will become purely historical. I also think we are likely to see some limited examples of resurrecting extinct species. I think the genetic modification of food crops will continue to yield positive effects for humanity. We'll also see a huge proliferation of robotics being used to augment medical treatment and replace lost organs. I think biotech will do more, but the rest is a black box.
5. This is mostly black box stuff, but I think our understanding of the brain will advance rapidly. The effects of this will depend on what wonders we find. I think Brain to Computer interfaces, surgical/biological treatments for certain mental illnesses are very likely to come true soon. The rest I can't begin to imagine realistically. It will be wonderful.
6. Islam and Buddhism will surpass Christianity in number of adherents. The number of atheists/agnostics/ect will continue to grow as well.
7. Russia will fall apart, and Poland will take part of the power vacuum in Eastern Europe that forms as a result.
Anyone else willing to throw in any ideas?

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Basically this.

I think by the end of it white people will be a minority in the United States. I imagine overcrowding will become more of an issue and there will be an increase in the division between the poor and the rich. I think connecting with people face to face will become increasingly difficult for the youth. There might even have to be specialized programs erected to help combat this. Many more jobs will be automated and so jobs will decrease. Not even an order taker at McDonalds or someone making the burgers. There will only need to be a few people to keep things stocked and to hand things out. Education will become more automated as well. Teachers may just record lessons, removing the personalized aspect that many students need. I believe that there will be an elimination of schools in wealthier or poorer neighborhoods receiving money based on the income of people living in that area. It will even the playing field for disadvantaged families. And all of our politicians will be famous movie actors or singers. The End. 

I think by the end of it white people will be a minority in the United States.

Of the approx. 300 million people currently in the USA, approx. 200 million of them are (non-Hispanic) white.

And while some non-whites have high birth rates than whites, there are still so much more whites than anything else that it would be almost impossible for any other racial or ethnic group to overtake non-Hispanic whites within the century.

I imagine overcrowding will become more of an issue

The USA, especially the west, is mostly uninhabited. There's plenty of room for everyone.

If everyone lived in a similar density to major cities like Chicago and NYC - the entire population of the country would easily fit inside one mid-sized state. 

So it depends on your definition of "over-crowding" 



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