Its been a long time since I played any good pranks on a guy. I was just remembering that back in college and high school we used to wear these jeans that were called A-Smile, along with a lot of basketball shorts. So the jeans were elasticized as were the shorts. We found it endlessly hilarious to walk up behind a guy ( that we knew) and yank, for a good public pantsing. O course turnabout was fair play. What memorable pranks do you guys recall?


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Taking a record jacket (remember vinyl records?) and filling it up with shaving cream.  Gently sliding the open end part way under somebody's dorm door and then..

Slamming a heavy textbook down on the jacket to make a shaving cream blast that covered the room.

Back in high school, I had a shared locker. 


My locker-mate once gerry-rigged our shared locker with a low grade explosive, ammonium tri-iodide.  Fun little prank.  He was a chemistry geek.  My retaliation involved his belly-button and 600KV...I was into physics.

I was always in trouble for pranking my little sister.  Once I replaced the flag on her bike with a pair of her panties.  She didn't realize it until she had been out riding with her friends for a few hours.

She was roommates with my wife in college.  She pranked me somehow but I don't remember what she did.  To get her back I rolled her "water bra" into a ball and put it into the freezer.  She was quite pissed when she found it because she was planning on wearing it on a date she was running late for.

Blue food coloring in a tin of chewing tobacco is always fun. 


Any oral anesthetic also works well in there.

We were issued the new, at the time, Sig Sauer P226 to replace the Baretta as our 9mm sidearm.  While in a classroom environment, with our new toys sitting on a desk in front of us, we were prefaced with "do not do ANYTHING, unless I tell you to, and then, only what I tell you", by an instructor, a friend of mine.  Well, he had dumped the projectile and powder and then stuck the brass with the primer still hot up the snout of my sidearm.  He of course instructed the class to step by step pick up the weapon, point the bloody thing at the ceiling and pull the trigger, and didn't say check for brass, of course mine went off.  I was the senior operator in the class, and like a rookie, hadn't checked the snout for brass. I was ribbed about it for many a month afterwards.  It was loud in that classroom!  Needless to say, I've always checked for brass regardless of what my instructor has said since that day. 

Once during a JV basketball game, a kid on the opposing team thought he was Michael Jordan's illegitimate love-child or something, throwing elbows and taking dives.  After the ref showed he wasn't going to call anything unless it was blatant, at halftime, we decided we'd teach the youngster a lesson.  Four of us circled him our first time down the court in the second half, and our point guard threw up a prayer, an intentional brick, which Young Mr. Jordan promptly went up to rebound.  Unfortunately, he didn't notice that our circle had tightened around him, and when he went up, his shorts stayed on the court.  Never seen anyone move to the locker room so fast.

Great story!

     Two good ones from work come to mind.

      An engineer who works with us is - shocker - an eccentric fellow with unshakable faith in his own frugality. Nothing can be mentioned as having been bought or done without Mr. Thrifty's scornful mentioning of a less expensive way. Chief amongst his criticisms are other people's cars. Folly to buy new, folly to buy large, folly to not check air pressure in tires after each dismount.

      For weeks, he updated us daily on his quest for a commuter car to replace a fully degraded diesel rabbit he had wrung every last penny out of,  and one day he came to work with a Honda CRX he had bought for some outrageously great price. Practically new, he said. He'd invested in michelin tires, tuned it up himself, and of course drove it in a manner that he felt was most fuel efficient, much to the extreme frustration of anyone stuck behind him. He made the ridiculous claim that he expected 70 miles to the gallon out of it.

      Ever the data-driven entity, he restricted his driving to a strict regimen he of course had to share with us. To work and back every day excepting Wednesdays, when he then would stop at a Super Wal-Mart on the way home to scour the store for clearance items based on his understanding of when the store rotated stock.

      A group of us each began carrying a gas can in the backs of our trucks. I would subtly top off his tank daily when I came to work a half-hour after he did. On wednesdays, another guy stopped in the wal-mart parkinglot and topped him off. A fellow who lived near Thrifty was in on it, and would top off Thrifty's tank whenever he went by his house and Mr. and Mrs. Thrifty's other family car was gone. A collection taken from almost everyone in the office paid for the gas.

      It was a week before he commented that his gage hadn't budged, and the following Monday he came in to work positively beaming. He'd been to the gas station, and couldn't even fit in a half a gallon.

      Three days later, he still hadn't realized that something was amiss, and was asking if anyone knew someone else who drove a CRX he could compare notes with. "This car is UNREAL!". He pretty much quit working and devoted his days to bragging about his car and how much money he was saving.

       The joke ended after just shy of three weeks. I got busted topping him off. He was furious. That was a few years ago, and we still ask Thrifty what kind of mileage he's getting these days.

       He pretends to have a sense of humor about it.

That's a good one. You know, if he really was thrifty he should appreciate the free fuel.

Pranks are a joke on people who pull them, in that anyone who pulls them is usually nothing short of an idiot, immature weakling who needs to feel better about themselves by trying to make themselves feel better about being weak and stupid by trying to take the attention of themselves and how weak and stupid  they are on others , by getting people to laugh at others. No Real man ever pull pranks. No real valid human being males even as child pull pranks. Only children, and even then weak, immature, shallow poorly trained children pull pranks....



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