All you guys using pomade for your hair or beard please join "Addicted to pomade"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't care wheter you have a pomp, waves, slickback or classic parted look, a flat top....etc whatever please join me. ;) Greets from Germany, Max

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Already made a first review all you greasy ass bastards ^^ please join and write !!!

i use Black and White Hair pomade it smells much nicer than gel and stuff

Black and White rocks. Good pomade. Wanna join Addicted to pomade.

Join join join =D =D sorry for buggin AOM....but pomade is f*****n manly so use it and joooooin

Hey guys, my website is live and has some great pomade options. I will be adding a lot more products as time progresses. Please check it out! If you're a fan of Dixie Peach I have 7 oz. tubs for only $20! I also have Reuzel Pomade.



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"Check out the book, "Feeling Good" by David Burns, MD. Easy read, helpful strategies to help you break out of a funk or manage (if it is deeper) depression. Has helped me a lot. Start with this checklist / questionnaire to…"
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Has anyone struggled with depression beforeIt

After reading up on examples of depression, I think I have it. Actually I know I have it. Some short points:-20 years old, not currently in school.-Addicted to junk foods, mainly greasy cheeseburgers-Gained a bunch of weight (6'1 230)-Rarely talk to people anymore except close friends-When not working, I isolate myself in my room and just surf the web-Everything is black and white, I don't have any hobbies, I don't get enjoyment out of anythingThose are just some of the minor things. I don't…See More
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