Hello my name is Justin! Or SN Weeks for all the military we have here.

I am active duty Navy and currently in A school for Navy EOD.

Currently stationed right by Chicago and am glad to be part of the AoM community!

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Nice to have you! Thank you for your service!

Are you at Great Lakes Naval Academy? I know that's pretty close to Chicago. 

I wish I was that high speed of a sailor! No I am at TSC Great Lakes.

Welcome! Enjoy your time on the site, there is some great material and inspiration to be had. Jay

Welcome, Jay! It is always great to have servicemen among us. Thanks for all you do for us. Enjoy your time here, and be sure to make some friends. Great ones here to rub shoulders with!

Plenty of high quality people here!

Great Lakes!!!!!

God that place gets cold in the winter.  I remember having my boogers freeze right up in my nose immediately upon stepping outside the barracks.


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