Hello everyone. Its been a long time since I posted here, but I wanted to update everyone on my goals for the remainder of the year, in essence a plan of life that motivates me to become a better person. Feel free to give me a few recommendations or advice, I would greatly appreciate it!

Spiritual Goals: I am Catholic, although I have not been a practicing one for quite some time. I was undergoing a difficult time in my life with to many questions and not enough explanation or answers, so I became disillusioned with my faith. I then read some philosophical books searching for some answers, and time and time again the answers fell in line with some of the basic Catholic philosophy I was taught. Needless to say I started carrying my rosary and praying again. Now my spiritual goals are:

  1. Start attending mass regularly each Sunday.
  2. Attend confession each week.
  3. Read more on the lives of Saints.
  4. Join a group of older Catholic men to discuss their challenges and triumphs of living a Catholic life.

Family Goals:  I only had one sibling (a sister one year younger than me), but in 2009 my parents adopted two girls (6 and 7 at the time), including the girls' half brother when he was born in 2010. Needless to say, it was a joyous occasion for all of us, and it still is, but not without its fair share of challenges, especially for me. I had a hard time taking care of them, the girls and I would never get along. For instance, whenever I took care of them I would tell them to do things such as do their homework or clean up their mess but to no avail. I do not know why this is. When my mother or my other sister told them to do it, they responded quickly and effectively. I feel disappointed with myself because of my shortcomings. I want to be a better brother, so my family goals are:

  1.  Have a little more patience with my younger siblings by trying to understand them.
  2. Spend more meaningful time with them by setting aside a non-negotiable time for them. 

Career Goals: I am a sophomore in community college, but I still do not have the faintest idea of what exactly I want to do. Right now I am on track to finish my associates degree, but I thought learning a trade looked interesting. I thought of taking a year off from school after I attain my associates or graduating from a four year university to do something with automobiles, carpentry, or even plumbing. I wanted to actually learn those skills for a side hustle or as a useful skill to have. 

However, I do like the business field, especially the entrepreneurial aspect of it, but nothing specific. Whenever someone in my family asks me what my major is, I usually reply economics or finance and I know I am lying. I say those two things to please my parents, especially my mother who pressures me into "finding a good job that makes money". She seems to place emphasis on this because the loans and debt I will accrue while I attend college, I know this is a mother's natural worry, but it becomes tiresome after hearing it every time the topic of education is brought up. Despite this situation though, my career (and school goals) are:

  1. Find a new part-time job.
  2. Visit the career services center within my school to find out what I want to do.
  3. Apply for more scholarships to lower the cost of educational expenses.
  4. Graduate community college.
  5. Trade school?
  6. Transfer to a four- year university and graduate.

Intellectual Goals:  I have done a fair amount of book shopping recently, so I plan to read these books during my spare time. However, my desire has always been to become conversational in a couple languages other than English. I never knew how to approach this though, I learned some Mandarin during high school but this was through brute force and I forgot most of it after I graduated. I would like to learn the language because I wanted to travel there.  I also wanted to learn computer coding because that is a skill that is becoming increasingly valuable given the importance of computers today. 

Physical Development Goals:  I have lost all ambition to work out, I am dismayed because it is hard for me to keep a consistent diet ( I have little money for groceries to do so and my schedule of work and school make me miss extra meals) and workout plan ( cannot go to gym in the morning as I must drop off my sister to school). Both sides of my family have a history of having a high metabolism, so almost anything I eat seems to vanish. I usually eat fruits, nuts, and fish.  I will eat 2,000 to 3,000 calories a day and I am 5'6" and weigh a scant 123 pounds. My goals for physical development are:

  1. Save some money for extra food and prepare it on weekends to consume during the week.
  2. Figure out a way to incorporate workouts into my schedule.
  3. Be between 125-130 lbs by February.
  4. Learn some martial art (Any suggestions?).

Does all this sound reasonable? I believe so, wish me luck on this journey of personal development!

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One comment - all of the work outlined will definitely advance you toward your goals - just remember that all of it will have to be done in small incremental steps- slowly and methodically. Great plan. Work it!

Thank you for your observation!

Good plan I especially like the part of learning a trade since they are always in demand so you can always have a job even if you don't use it as a career you at least have a back up. As far as martial arts I would start with boxing of course I'm being bias since I am an ex-boxer. But if you are looking for a more full body combat style then I would say join an mma club I can't say any type of martial arts in particular since I only did tikwando when I was little. My advice though is get in shape before doing a combat sport your exercise routine should included plenty of cardio especially running. Best of luck.

Thank you! If you do so, I will be more than happy to see your evaluation outline.

Sounds ambitious.  Two questions:

These are your goals for yourself.  What are God's goals for you?

Or maybe that's question enough.

Will's question is a great one to ask. I'm wrestling with different ideas concerning my future and I need to remember it isn't all about "me." I think by achieving your spiritual goals, the others will be (at least somewhat) clearer.

You always have profound insight to offer, Will! I will definitely will meditate on the question.

Great to see we have some similarities. May I ask what interests you in joining the military?

I would call some of the public libraries and see if they have Rosetta stone if you want to learn another language.  I know ours does and it's in a small college town.

With martial arts it's what your area has to offer and the quality of the instructor.  You will have to visit them one day and see where they stand and if you like their disciplines or not. Or, if they are the type that hands out belts for doing a kick right...

The 5x5 program by Mehdi is a good place for beginners.  He outlines a good base strength and also brings you back to where you have to work with form. It's 3 exercises 3 times a week if i'm not mistaken.  Really focuses on squats, but don't be afraid. Just do as much research and look at the form videos he has.  In the beginning you will be in the gym for most likely 30 minutes or so, so time will not be an issue unless you are super busy.

I never knew some libraries had Rosetta Stone. Now obviously the program will not make me fluent in the language (as some people are led to believe) but it is nonetheless a step in the right direction.

And yes, I was using yelp.com to find reviews on instructors. I know for a fact Tae Kwon Do is very popular in my neighborhood, but the instructors are of the 'handing out belts" variety. I will have to expand my search a bit.

And this Mehdi program sounds interesting, have you used it? 

If you are working a learning a language pick at the library a book on learning the language so you can get the grammer rules to go along with your work with Rosetta Stone.  There is also Live Mocha http://livemocha.com/ which is the free online community language learning site. 

Do some kickboxing. Best workout, plus you learn fighting skills.


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