I would like to know your opinion on the use of cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes. Personally, I think it is a great, natural remedy for many illnesses. It helps with depression, anxiety, insomnia, and has even been proven to kill cancer cells. It is also great to add to your tobacco when you decide to smoke your pipe and just think about things and enjoy nature. It really helps you absorb your surroundings and think deeper about things.

What is your personal opinion?

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Check out the DUI statistics with marijuana. It doesn't just make you feel good.

Odd, since as far as I know, there is no valid roadside test for marijuana related sobriety. 

Eh? If you fail the roadside they pull you in and run a DRE, which takes about two hours. If you fail that, they'll get a warrant for either urine or a blood draw. There's no breathalyzer, but it's the same test for any drug induced impairment.

Last I heard those were being challenged since it couldn't indicate age of the drug in the system, and people were being flagged for pot they smoked a week ago. I have not really kept up though. 

I'm sure. But, the DRE can tell if you're impaired at the time. The drug test is just to see what you're on. If they're not coupled, then a drug test alone can get tossed with a good lawyer. Unless you pop for coke.

It's never good to drive under the influence of anything.... whether prescription pills, alcohol, or weed.

Did anyone stop to ask if the donkey enjoyed it?

You have to go to Canada for that.

Probably ought to be legal.  Still a lousy idea.  And, I'm generally suspicious of anybody that insists on calling it 'cannabis'.

I'm not convinced it's less damaging than booze or cigarettes.  My guess is there are significant long-term mental effects to psychoactive drug use.  Not to mention the effects from frequently inhaling the smoke ... which I imagine isn't going to be much more beneficial than inhaling tobacco smoke.  I'm also certainly not convinced it's got the magical healing powers 'cannabis' propagandists swear it does.

But, it's mostly not my problem so long as you're not driving while intoxicated or bothering me with it.  Smoke yourself into a stupor.  I don't respect it.  But, it doesn't seem worth jailing people over anymore.  Trying to save people from ruining their lives with this crap by ruining their lives with a conviction doesn't make a ton of sense.


Cannabis is it's actual name, not marijuana or weed. Call it what you like, but it does in fact have healing properties. It has been proven to kill cancer cells, helps people with insomnia, anorexic people, people who have pain, and addicts along with so much more.

 "It has been proven to kill cancer cells"

Source me.

Petrie dishes don't count. 


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